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    Logitech Launches G900 Chaos Spectrum Wireless Gaming Mouse

    Logitech Launches G900 Chaos Spectrum Wireless Gaming Mouse
    Logitech Launches G900 Chaos Spectrum Wireless Gaming Mouse

    Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum Review Wireless and blameless

    After the G810 and G610 keyboards, Logitech wants to be very active on the front of the gaming devices. The Swiss company today unveiled the G900 mouse Chaos Spectrum. Its rate of 179 euros (it will be available from April) was intended to uncompromising players with the quality of their tools. Logitech described its new mouse as a "professional" device. The company does not hide either have drawn inspiration or taking advice in the world of Pro players of the E-Sport.

    The challenge was to launch and develop a wireless mouse as good as a wired mouse. The demanding players do not like the wireless devices that suffer in their latencies and stalls. Two unacceptable defects for some games, synonymous with disability and defeat. So even if little like the mouse over, they see it as a lesser evil. With his Chaos Spectrum G900, Logitech intends to make them change their minds.

    Unsurprisingly, the manufacturer describes its mouse as a high-end device that exploit an advanced wireless transmission technology at 2.4GHz. Logitech as an advance order response time of 1 ms reliably and continuously. During the presentation of the G900 Chaos Spectrum, tables of measures that were presented to us were eloquent in terms of details, reliabilities than speed flexibility. According to these measures, the G900 manages to outdo wireline competitors. Transmission is via a proprietary receiver that monopolizes a USB port.

    Furthermore responsiveness, accuracy and independence are the points on which Logitech claims to have particularly worked. The G900 uses a new internal oscillator (clock) more efficient without losing performance. It should thus be able to play for 32 hours on a full charge (24 hours with illumination by default). Dry case of failure a micro USB cable with a hook system is provided (rest assured, any micro USB cable will do. The G900 can perfectly be used in wired that way.

    Accuracy comes from the home sensor PMW336 the manufacturer claims as the best in the market at present. Its sensitivity range / resolution ranges from 200-12000 dots per inch.

    Important aspect, the Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum has a perfectly symmetrical structure that makes ambidextrous. Lefties appreciate the attention. Besides the click buttons perfectly identical and comfortable (we were able to take over), each side has two mechanical buttons that the user can customize. A set of magnetic caches comes bundled with the mouse in a small plastic box to avoid losing them.

    Like the rest of the range G (al Gaming Device Family Logitech), the configuration of the G900 through the LGS application. Control tower, it is this which allows access to all settings: Backlight, customizing buttons, sensitivity range, etc. Internal Lamémoire mouse can store up to five different profiles.

    With an all-plastic structure based on internal skeleton to ensure the rigidity of the assembly and allowing the elements to enjoy an unusual finesse, Chaos Spectrum G900 is light: 107 g. A weight that also stems from optimized autonomy to propose an acceptable weight compromise power for the battery.

    Our first grip of the Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum reveals a very nice mouse to use. Lightweight, accurate and responsive, the promises seem to be at the rendezvous.

    Nintendo NX: first images of the joystick

    For weeks, rumors about the Nintendo NX amplify. Latest, pictures posted on Reddit from a developer who would disclose the future joystick. As usual when such information is disclosed, it is good to take large tweezers, nothing to certify the authenticity of the pictures.

    This rumor might have gone unnoticed if the controller in question did not look very much like a patent filed by Nintendo in November 2015. Indeed, this seems almost too good to be true ...
    Elliptical, it has a large touch screen that almost completely covers the surface. At the ends, there are two analog sticks, two triggers and a picture / video sensor in the center. No other button is present, however some sources indicate the presence of tactile keys with haptic feedback using ultrasound.

    Although ergonomics seem confusing and not necessarily suited to the habits of gamers, not really a fan of the touch control, it would not be the first time that Nintendo surprised the world ... We will certainly know more in the coming weeks, including at E3 2016 in June.

    YouTube Connect Google would launch the live streaming video service

    Became famous in France thanks to the antics of the right side of the PSG, the Periscope application to broadcast live video emulated. YouTube, Google's flagship service constantly evolving rarely misses a good concept around the video and is preparing to launch an identical service according to VentureBeat namely YouTube Connect.

    Undisputed leader in video streaming, YouTube looks to be a place in the booming field of broadcasting live from a video stream and thus compete with Twitter (periscope) and Facebook Live dominate this market. This app available on iOS and Android should base the concept of Periscope, it will be possible to shoot from their smartphone and retransmit the live stream on the internet. A keyword process and person of tagging as a chat function type would also be implemented. It remains to wait for the formalization of this service which will complete the Google Video offers.

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