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    The future of mobile gaming smartphones vs consoles who will win

    The future of mobile gaming smartphones vs consoles who will win
    The future of mobile gaming smartphones vs consoles who will win

    The world of smartphones is changing at full speed. In 10 years, they managed to transform many aspects of the economy and our social life, and so many sectors are involved, the traditional game industry does not really feel the repercussions of this development. Things could change very quickly, at least in terms of consoles. Observe all this in more detail.

    I still remember the days when I was playing Prince Of Persia 1 DOS, in the 90 The game has come a long way since, both in graphics as much as the level of technology. The advent of smartphones has of course created a new market which forced to rethink the monetization system, we see more and more in-app purchases, generally associated with particularly addictive games.

    What is mobile gaming?

    The term mobile games can be understood in two ways: turning on the mobile games and games related to the concept of mobility. It's a safe bet that in the short or the long term, these two concepts will become one. Take for example the Sony PSP console you can easily carry with you (ideal for mobility). Who buys this type of console? Those who want to carry games with them and play at any time. You can do the same with a game on a smartphone or tablet with because the screen is wider (but then we lose some aspect mobility, depending on the size of the unit).

    Problem: The console is suitable for the game (that is its reason for being) while the smartphone is a technological Swiss Army knife with a more limited potential.

    A huge technical potential

    Our smartphones are increasingly powerful. The processors come to operate games increasingly resource intensive, RAM highs. Of course, the more you want a powerful smartphone, the longer it will pay the price. But if it is possible to have the console directly integrated in the smartphone instead of making two purchases (rather expensive way) distinct, it might be worth it, right? Improve smartphone gaming experience could make these freelancers consoles.

    Of course, the consoles are not confined to the Sony PSP and Nintendo DS. The consoles such as Xbox or Playstation 4 must be connected to a TV. Not being an electronics expert, I am not able to say whether it is possible to run a full system console (such as the PlayStation 4) in a smartphone but it hardly seems feasible. What is certain is that transfer the image of the smartphone (ie gambling operation) on a TV should not pose too many problems, it therefore remains to improve the game system smartphone.

    The VR will revolutionize the video game

    To bounce on the previous paragraph, why even play on TV now that we have virtual reality technology? Of course, it must be further improved, but I think you easily imagine the potential. If, thanks to a large hardware and software improvements, we can combine high quality games with a virtual reality system developed, traditional consoles may well struggle to recover.

    More generally, the VR is likely to revolutionize the video game as a whole. I see of course the social problems (or ethical) as this may result, but on a purely technologically we may well see the video games differently.

    Towards an alliance smartphone / console

    I think at one time or another, Sony will release a smartphone hybrid device / console can exploit the potential of the Play Station with smartphones. Nvidia is pretty active on Android in gaming, but the road is still long. We are technologically not really ready for that kind of stuff, but it is certain that the development of the VR will give a blow of boost in due time.

    There is another possibility which technically also has its limits. Should the developers of console games create an Android / iOS version of their game, but for this to work would have the gaming experience is as good on smartphones than on console, and in view of the developer, it must use the effort (and cost invested) during production are amortized. It is needless to say that at present, it is a rather difficult challenge to overcome.

    To answer this question in the title: yes, it's theoretically possible, but it will take a while to get technically something really concrete. How do you see the future of gaming on smartphone?
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