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    Adam Rodriguez Marries Grace Gail in Italy

    Adam Rodriguez Marries Grace Gail in Italy
    Adam Rodriguez Marries Grace Gail in Italy

    New Songs 2017

    Last February, Leomie Anderson had already drawn the world's attention by pointing racism in the fashion industry. In full Fashion Week in Milan, the British had denounced the fact that the teams backstage fashion shows were not well equipped to prepare the black models. A few weeks after she returned to the headlines with a new rant. Last Sunday, the angel of Victoria's Secret has tackled a subject that we talk more and more: consent. The supermodel spoke on his site in a text called "Open Letter on consent and the fact of saying no." In this plea, she focused on the phenomenon of sexual harassment on the Internet. "In light of recent stories from photos of young naked girls fuitent on the internet of slut-shaming, sexual assault and I felt it was important to speak on the subject of consent" she says.

    Thus, in his open letter Leomie Anderson tells how when she was already in school, such harassment was already present with platforms like MSN. At lunch, she heard stories about a girl of his establishment or the one next door that was found naked on the internet after the image was broadcast without permission. A phenomenon that tends to worsen and has become almost commonplace. And this is to say that this situation is far from normal that she spoke: "With the uncontrollable expansion of social networks and contradictory messages that young people are exposed, more and more young women are faced with the pressure of having their most intimate moments disclosed on the internet. " Through this message, the model wants to show young women that they must be very careful because anything can escape them in a second. And above all, they completely have the right to say no, "I want you to know that if he or she does not accept your 'no', then he or she does not respect you. So why should they have rights over your body in any way? Saying no does not make you a coward or a frigid girl, it makes you smart and mature. " A great initiative from Léomie Anderson will perhaps be able to help many young women.

    TF1 launches its new Sam series, on Monday at 8:55 p.m., adapted from a Danish fiction Rita. The actress Mathilde Seigner, who plays for the first time in a television series, plays the role of a French teacher to dérouantes educational methods.

    Mathilde Seigner falls for Sam, the new series of TF1, which begins on Monday, May 2 at 8:55 p.m.. Adapted from the Danish series Rita, available on Netflix, this new appointment Monday night retraces the life of a single quadra, crazy French teacher and mother of three without taboo.

    "Sam is like person. She is very rock'n roll, iconoclastic, and shows a different vision of education. It is not in the mold and clashes, with regard to the rigor of Education national, "says Mathilde Seigner, who finds himself in this very open character. The actress keeps the memory of "a great experience" "It was cheeky, original, same guts!"

    A politically incorrect series

    She is the teacher that many students dream of having. Freed, Sam does not hesitate to talk about sexuality and drug use with her class and children, while multiplying love affairs, even into college toilet. "I feel close to her 80%, mainly for his frankness, his freedom. I have also had no trouble incarnate," says Mathilde Seigner told AFP.

    Reluctant at first to play in this comedy, she finally agreed out of friendship for the director Valérie Guignabodet - died on 23 February after the shooting - and with whom she had turned Weddings! (2004) and Dance with Him (2007). Sam, this is his first appearance in a television series.

    For three weeks, the actress will star alongside fred testot, headmaster of the school and lover Sam, Charlotte Gaccio young teacher graduated a little panicked, Jean-Pierre Lorit, his first love who resurfaced or Marina Vlady, his temperamental mother.

    Besides, without waiting for the verdict of the viewers, the writing of the second season is already well advanced. Mathilde Seigner has so far not confirmed its participation.

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