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    Why CoD Infinite Warfare is Overshadowed By The Modern Warfare Remaster Social Media Reactions

    Why CoD Infinite Warfare is Overshadowed By The Modern Warfare Remaster Social Media Reactions
    Why CoD Infinite Warfare is Overshadowed By The Modern Warfare Remaster Social Media Reactions

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    Infinite Warfare saga Call of Duty takes air assault

    The fans are reassured: Call of Duty will of the appointment of the season. Activision unveiled on Monday, the first trailer of the next episode titled Infinite Warfare and that we should design studio in the franchise, Infinity Ward. And for the first time, it will overcome the enemy on the ground but also in space.

    Third album in three years and third studio to put their hands in the dough. After Sledgehammer Games for Advanced Warfare that marked the entrance of Call of Duty in a very futuristic cycle Treyarch who sued but offering a taste of nostalgia modernized with Black Ops III last year, is now Infinity Ward glue it. But it is far from being an illustrious unknown. This is simply the studio behind the saga in 2003 and which must, in addition to the first two episodes, Call of Duty Modern Warfare, not far from the most appreciated by fans and whoever did cross a cap to the franchise.

    The teasing was orchestrated in recent days, with elements hidden in a Black Ops III update file that allow players to experience a banner into the background, a voice message or a strange logo that will be found on photos of athletes and artists accompanied by another message "IW7" during an Activision evening. Then there were the videos posted on the YouTube page of Call of Duty, one titled "Know your enemy" which refers to a mysterious group called the Set-Def (Settlement Defense Front). All before a robot named SDFbot takes the floor on the networks.

    Air battles for the first time

    With the first trailer unveiled on Monday at its resumption of Space Oddity, tube created by David Bowie, publisher Activision has ended the suspense. The "IW7" therefore means Infinite Warfare, the name of the next episode of the saga, and is 7 for the seventh game created by the studio Infinity Ward who had not worked since Call of Duty: Ghost. To sign his return, the studio did not skimp on resources. The 13th installment of the franchise will offer for the first time air battles across the solar system where you have to fly your own ship against enemy. After the Second World War, the contemporary time and the future space indulges fans COD. To infinity and beyond for the saga to the billions of turnovers that offers a new dimension.

    Activision promises "an authentic and epic clash between two armies as the franchise had ever known." "With Call of Duty: Warfare Infinite, we bring the Call of Duty franchise to a level where it is never gone," it is added on the side of Infinity Ward. The game remains true to its (new) fundamentals, a first-person shooter (FPS) in a futuristic warfare environment between good and evil. You incarnate this time a captain who has to deal with a much more powerful enemy. To fulfill its mission, it will shine both arms in hand (and a multitude of new products) by tactical acumen and leadership qualities of men. We are promised new skills for players and environments as diverse as thrilling. "A bold new vision" promises Activision with emphasis that will add to the collector editions Legacy Digital Deluxe and a remastered version of the game Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare with the entire campaign and 10 multiplayer maps reworked in high-definition.

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