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    Why the iPhone SE is not better than the Galaxy S7

    Why the iPhone SE is not better than the Galaxy S7

    Why the iPhone SE is not better than the Galaxy S7

    The iPhone SE was formalized yesterday and made the most of a high-tech sites. Some consider it is even better than the Samsung Galaxy S7, which seems to be an aberration since both smartphones are hardly comparable: different brands, different systems, different ideologies, and different components ... I'm not particularly a big fan of Samsung (let alone Apple), but we must not exaggerate anyway: the Galaxy S7 is largely better than the iPhone SE.

    I'm not really a supporter of the comparison between iPhone and Android smartphones because they are very different and also go to a different audience. That said, everyone is free to compare what they want and write what he wants, but that this new iPhone is technically superior to the Galaxy S7 I think is a total nonsense. Not only are these smartphones do not have much in common, are intended for completely different users, and especially not at all the same strategy. So I fit into this comparison game here and expressed my opinion on the subject: that their product is of quality or not, Apple made the new with the old. Samsung has brought him a lot of news to its new flagship.

    As you can see, this article has the Opinion label, which means that the text that follows is only my opinion. It is therefore possible that you do not agree with me. Feel free to respond in comments if you want to add something or to express your opinion.

    In terms of design, size is the deciding factor

    We all have a different conception of the ideal size of a screen. Love them or not large smartphones, it's a matter of taste. If you feel that 4 inches is large enough, then good for you. Anyway, for me it is far from enough. A 5-inch device comes easily in a pocket and allows a much more pleasant use a 4-inch screen.

    We recently given the opportunity to express yourself on the ideal screen size using a survey, and the majority of you voted for a size of 5.1 inches. Other Internet surveys show results more or less similar, between 5.1 "and 5.5".

    The Galaxy S7 has him a screen ... 5.1 inches. The gossips say that it is his fans that influenced the survey results, but anyway the screen size is very interesting: neither too big nor too small, portable, sufficient for comfort of use. In addition, the screen has S7 technology Gorilla Glass to be protected from scratches.

    However, in both cases we can not speak of absolute innovation. Apple is based on the iPhone 5S and added some aspects of the iPhone 6 / 6s. Samsung has it inspired the design of the Galaxy S6 and has somewhat improved.

    I find it more fulfilling Android iOS

    Of course it is difficult to compare the two systems as they follow entirely different logic: iOS wants to be as simple as possible, Android will allow the user to flourish. However, iOS is a closed system and the use of forced iTunes exasperates me. The possibilities are very limited, the App Store does not contain the Android applications that interest me, etc. Obviously, the microSD card is also to forget. I am very far to appreciate TouchWiz, but at least with the S7 I can install a launcher, rooter my device, transfer data easily and have access to the Play Store. Having had an iPhone for two years, I can tell you that every day the difference between the two is clear. Having said that it takes for everyone, that's the beauty of competition.

    The Galaxy S7 is optimized for taking photos

    The iPhone 6s had no optical stabilizer, but this problem has been fixed in version Plus. However, the iPhone SE does not have the honor to benefit. With a simple f / 2.2, this device looks a little disappointing. The Galaxy S7 has one of the best current cameras: f / 1.7, optical stabilizer, double pixel technology ... The difference between these two models is clear. At the selfies, the front camera of the iPhone SE is ... 1.2 Megapixel! Okay, megapixels are not everything, but 1.2, anyway...

    The iPhone battery does not hold water

    The battery capacity of the iPhone is 1642 mAh. Yes, you read right, 1642 mAh. For almost 500 euros (€ 489 for the 16GB model and 589 € for the 64GB model), I do not find it normal to find a battery of this type. Okay, the battery capacity is not everything, it's also the way the system manages. Apple is far from being known for the autonomy of its smartphones, so with such a low capacity it is better not to have too high expectations. The S7 plays in another court with its battery of 3000 mAh, the Always On Display mode and its various power saving modes.

    The S7 has some extra features

    Samsung has innovated by introducing the S7 Game Center, a system adapted to games for blocking alerts, lock the keys, take a screenshot etc. Upon reflection, this argument could leave marble many users of the iPhone SE because few of them have the intention to play on a 4-inch screen, at least not so too far.

    The S7 is water resistant and dust proof (IP68 certification). Incidentally, I also have read some very strange ideas about it, such as "This feature is useless, which account go underwater with his smartphone? ". Just an unfortunate combination of circumstances to get into the water fully clothed, and in this case I think everyone would be happy to have a waterproof phone.

    As mentioned above, the Galaxy S7 has a serious advantage over the iPhone: it can use a microSD card. I can not really blame Apple not offer this service because many Android devices had stopped doing lately, but the wrath of users was such that the Korean manufacturer has decided to reintroduce a microSD slot on its smartphones.

    The Galaxy S7 is one of the best high-end smartphones, the iPhone SE is a rehash of the iPhone 6s with a design reminiscent of 5s. It is therefore not surprising that the Galaxy S7 it is higher. Maybe am I off base? The iPhone SE-it deserves its price because it can compete with the S7?
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