• Monday, February 29, 2016

    Tell me how you use WhatsApp and I will tell you who you are

    WhatsApp is the most used messaging application in the world, with one billion users use the service to communicate on a daily basis. The app is now part of our lives, but seeing how each uses WhatsApp, it is possible to award a few tracks on the person's identity. To you to read on to discover your profile.

    Tell me how you use WhatsApp and I will tell you who you are
    Tell me how you use WhatsApp and I will tell you who you are

    How do you write? With accents, dots and commas

    You are perfectionists like everything to be perfect and leave nothing to chance. You are organized, and perhaps a little fussy. It is likely that before sending your messages, you review them carefully while using a spell check software.

    Dictionary? What is that?

    Whenever you write on Whatsapp, an Academician dies. You contravention you whether to use an "é" or "er" as long as one understands you. You're probably a relaxed, cheerful and a little crazy.... Unlike our friend the perfectionist, you send messages without much thought, and understands that can!

    With emoji

    If your messages look like hieroglyphics of ancient Egypt, you are probably a teenager, or a dreamer. You are the first to rush to the updates to WhatsApp. You are creative and overflowing imagination when it comes to finding new combinations of emoji. Seriously, it's time to ask yourself what you intend to do with your life.

    How do you respond? At the speed of light

    Your fingers are quarks that cross the screen. Your answers will arrive in just a few moments. You are able to meet your mother, your group of friends and almost instantly your partner. You are in the record books of WhatsApp. Maybe you're a little nervous, it's time to learn to relax. Try to take a deep breath before responding instantly to the first received message, and do not forget to turn 7 times the tongue in your mouth!


    "No rush" is your motto. Your smartphone may well vibrate in emit smoke, your mother may well be worried sick; everything in its time. You will start by end reading "in search of lost time", and then will consider your answer. You are a pretty relaxed person, which does not yield easily to stress. However, be careful not to let things drag on, you could make disappointed.

    You just do not answer

    You are a social, or you do not have a data connection in your package. If you are in the first case, do not worry: it's just a phase, you will eventually fall into line. You've probably seen all the seasons of Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead in the same day.

    If you are in the latter case, do you not be a little stingy? Most packages now offer packages including mobile data, it is time to engage a gear.

    What do you think? Have you identified any of these profiles?

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