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    5 reasons to ditch your Samsung Galaxy S5 and get the new Galaxy S7

    5 reasons to ditch your Samsung Galaxy S5 and get the new Galaxy S7
    5 reasons to ditch your Samsung Galaxy S5 and get the new Galaxy S7

    Samsung presented its new Galaxy S7 and S7 edge at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. These luxury mobile offer a revised and very elegant design, while promising great new features for users. Owners of Galaxy S5, find out why it's time to put your smartphone to date.

    1. Exclusive design

    Let's be honest: an attractive design is probably one of the main criteria pushing us to change mobile. The Galaxy S7 is strong in the field with excellent design, with a Gorilla Glass 4 and a metallic appearance the most beautiful effect.

    To associate the ergonomic design, the Korean manufacturer has equipped the Galaxy S7 a back panel that fits in the palm of your hand. Compared to the Samsung Galaxy S5, S7 offers a more subtle profile and almost as compact. Especially, Samsung has finally opted for a well-integrated camera lens to smartphone, which no longer flicker when the phone on a table.

    2. A high-definition screen (although supported by the hardware)

    With the Galaxy S7, Samsung abandon once and for all the Full HD technology of the S5 to move to QHD. The difference is not noticeable to the naked eye, yet the Galaxy S7 displayed far more beautiful images. We can enjoy with graphically advanced games such as with high-definition movies.

    In terms of battery capacity, Samsung finally offers a decent battery of 3000 mAh, coupled with new software that optimizes the use of the smartphone. The Galaxy S7 should also be forewarned overheating problems through an internal channel that can cool the components.

    3. A battery that is charged in 100 minutes

    He has had to face the facts and to mourn the removable battery for the Galaxy S series It may not be a tragedy if we consider that the manufacturer has managed to increase its capacity. Especially if one adds the Doze mode Android Marshmallow into the equation.

    And the battery of the Galaxy S7 has a significant advantage compared to the S5: it will charge in only 100 minutes, and it is possible to have several hours of battery life with just 10 minutes of charging. That's not all: the Galaxy S7 also has a wireless charging function, which requires 150 minutes to complete. No more battery excuses for dodging phone calls from your mother!

    4. An improved photographic experience

    No smartphones currently sold on the market (and certainly not the Galaxy S5 two years old) should be able to match the Galaxy S7 camera. Yet how the 12-megapixel Galaxy S7 could they give better pictures than the 16-megapixel S5?

    The Galaxy S7 has features that increase tenfold the image quality, even with a goal with fewer megapixels on the clock. The dual-pixel technology is used to duplicate the use of each photodiode to a much better final quality. With a lens with an aperture value of f / 1.7, it is certain that the Galaxy S7 camera is a racing and bury his counterpart from Galaxy S5.

    5. Intelligent functions and a new Game Launcher

    The transition to the latest generation provides a natural upgrade in the field of hardware, in addition to offering new features. The Galaxy S7 fortunately limits the amount of bloatware and does not clutter the phone useless applications. The manufacturer is rather centered on a set of useful and intelligent features, such as the Always On mode and Game Launcher.

    With Always On, you will constantly time, the notifications received and the data on your phone without having to turn on the screen. A feature that should limit consumption of battery thanks to the AMOLED screen (besides the quick access to these functions often avoid turning the entire screen). The Game Launcher, meanwhile, is a service dedicated exclusively to gamers. The application adds an interface that allows you to take screenshots of games, record videos and share them with friends. The Game Launcher also allows you to disable all notifications to focus exclusively on the game.

    Do not give up

    With the Galaxy S7, no need to give up essential features. The smartphone includes a fingerprint reader (much faster and more functional than the Galaxy S5), a heart rate monitor, a water resistance certificate and, as desired functionality, a microSD expansion. What more could you want in life?

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