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    How to uninstall Android System Apps and Remove Unwanted Bloatware

    How to uninstall Android System Apps and Remove Unwanted Bloatware

    How to uninstall Android System Apps and Remove Unwanted Bloatware

    One of the biggest problems on tablets and Android smartphones, this is the presence of many pre-installed applications on your device. These default installed applications take up space and you cannot just uninstall them. Today we will show you how to uninstall android apps from phone.

    Solution 1: Root your device

    The best solution to remove native applications or uninstall android apps that came with phone or your tablet device is to root the Android device. For many, this seems scary or impossible, but it is often easier to achieve than what you imagine, depending on your device and procedure, it will not void your warranty.

    You will also find many tutorials in our forum, be careful to use the one written specifically for your device. If you have questions, or if you need help, the forum is there for you!

    If your device is already ROOTED, you can then download the Root App Deleter application to uninstall all the software bloat installed on your smartphone. Simply select the preinstalled applications that you no longer wish to have. There are also other applications for smartphones. You can also use a file browser to access files from applications to remove it or uninstall android apps from pc.

    It should be noted however that some preinstalled applications are essential to the proper functioning of your Android smartphone, as Google Play Store, for example. You do not need to delete anything.

    Solution 2: Disable your applications or uninstall android apps without root

    The root allows completely remove unwanted applications from your device, but this solution does not fit all. Fortunately, Android offers a completely legal alternative and feasible without difficulty is to disable applications:

    Go to Settings> Applications (or Application Management)
    Scroll through the screens to the right to get on the All the apps.

    Select the application in question, and press Disable.
    A message appears: click OK.

    If the device offers you to uninstall the updates already installed: to earn even more storage space, click OK. If you ever want to reactivate this native application, you simply repeat the operation and click Enable.

    Warning: some applications may not be deleted

    Some people may be tempted to uninstall many applications. I suggest you simply remove those that are not related to the system. Apps that you can remove are those typical default installed by the manufacturer (as ChatON Samsung) or those of Google such as YouTube, Gmail, Streetview.

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