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    PlayStation VR 120 fps G610 Orion keyboard from Logitech and Twitter Windows 10 New App

    PlayStation VR 120 fps G610 Orion keyboard from Logitech and Twitter Windows 10 New App
    PlayStation VR 120 fps G610 Orion keyboard from Logitech and Twitter Windows 10 New App

    Sony has used the Game Developers Conference to unveil many details about the Playstation VR, former project "Morpheus". One point that particularly caught our attention is that the screen of the future virtual reality headset support a refresh rate of 120 Hz, where competition (Oculus Rift, HTC Vive Pre), reach 90 Hz, but on two screens instead of one.

    Helmets "high end" will therefore be better refreshed, but still 120 Hz will have "real" games at 60 frames per second and Sony insists that framerate offer to its customers. "The framerate is really important (...) 60 fps is the minimum acceptable" explained Chris Norden, an engineer at Sony in charge of relations with developers Gamasutra quoted, then no drop hammering would not be tolerated.

    Knowing that the usual "New Gen" consoles are struggling to deliver 30 frames per second when the game is graphically intensive, offering such rates can be tricky for developers, man does not in hiding elsewhere.

    120 fps simulated

    The firm, however, a technique to increase "artificially" rate the number of images per second reprojection. Basically, between two images calculated by the machine, a third is inserted and the latter is an average of the other two. A much less demanding processing resources and to "simulate" 120 fps. Note that on undemanding games, we can actually calculate all the images at this rate.

    As for the rest of the technical specifications, it will have an OLED 5.7 inch with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels (960 x 1080 per eye) with an RGB LED array for an optimal view HD images and providing a field of view to 100 degrees. PS VR arrive in October 2016 for $ 400 (excluding accessories).

    G610 Orion, the new mechanical keyboard from Logitech comes in Brown and Red

    After G810 Orion Spectrum which used a silent mechanical key technology (Romer-G) suitable for Logitech to compete with that of Cherry (switches MX Silent), the manufacturer launches a new mechanical keyboard using the technologies of its German rival: the G610 Orion.

    The G610 Orion looks like a mechanical keyboard dedicated to the video game world. The user can customize the key backlight and has available buttons to control the multimedia features of the machine.

    With a simple design, the G610 Orion away from what some brands can offer. The size is reduced to the minimum necessary to provide a functional ergonomics: 15.3 x 44.35 x 3.43 cm 1.259 kg.

    Logitech assumes penny new keyboard in two versions. One uses version MX Brown switches Cherry mechanics, the other provides the Red MX release. One is not better than the other. This is primarily a silent story feelings and personal preferences. MX Red propose a linear stroke, while the MX Browm offers a sensitive rocker threshold that indicates to the user that a shot has been taken into account.

    Twitter: a new universal app for Windows 10

    Like other publishers Twitter has updated its universal application to fit the specifications of the new Windows 10 mobile system. The interface completely changes for a result more successful on smartphones using the Microsoft OS.

    The Twitter app in the Windows Store proposed so far fairly basic functions on Windows Phone or Mobile Windows 10. The new version provides access to the latest innovations developed by the social network: Moments that tracks news selected by Twitter, DM grouped tweet videos, tweets sharing or retweeting, commenting on the city message.

    It is now possible to choose a light or dark theme to customize the appearance of the application based on the theme on your smartphone or according to their preferences. In addition the application is universal and allows to adapt to different screen sizes as Microsoft explains on his blog.

    The application is already available in the Windows Store on a card offering both mobile version update today and the usual version for PC. Only mobile smartphones using Windows 10 can use the new version. The Lumia eligible to upgrade to Windows 10 will benefit from the upgrade will be delivered by Microsoft.

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