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    Vivo Xplay 5 Elite The rival Galaxy S7 edge embarks 6GB RAM

    Vivo Xplay 5 Elite The rival Galaxy S7 edge embarks 6GB RAM

    Vivo Xplay 5 Elite The rival Galaxy S7 edge embarks 6GB RAM

    Only a year after implemented a new policy of innovative design by splitting its Galaxy S line in two, the "edge" dependency was created. Today, it represents no less than 50% of sales for these older variants of what the Galaxy S6. Although Samsung has changed the design of its Galaxy S7 / edge, a Chinese manufacturer, named Vivo, wanted to go beyond the boundaries by pushing all aspects to the extreme and this, for a smart phone charged 100 euros cheaper. Now find out what is in this mysterious Vivo Xplay 5 Elite could well become a bestseller in the country of the roof of the world and fans of the import.

    A smartphone with 6 GB of RAM? Yes, it exists! 6 GB of RAM, why bother?

    At a time when we trace these first lines, the Vivo Xplay5 Elite is the first mobile with 6 GB of RAM, which has most of the Android 6.0 version of Marshmallow. With such amount of RAM, only the tech-savvy will be attracted, but we also know that these are more than 2GB of S7 edge that stops at 4GB.

    With such capacity memory, Vivo Xplay5 Elite knows already offer unparalleled fluidity and this, in terms of speed of execution of tasks and multitasking. It is also necessary that the Linux kernel is well optimized, which no doubt, although the reputation of the brand is still little known to the general public. frequency side, the SoC from Qualcomm allows the RAM to achieve a 1866 MHz clock frequency, image other recently announced smartphones (like Galaxy Galaxy S7 and S7 edge, LG G5, E5 or the Xiaomi Sony Xperia X Performance), but none of them rises to 6 GB of RAM because all leveled to 4 GB of RAM.

    In addition to offering an uplifting flow (already confirmed by a brief grip of the original model (Xplay5)), this variation "Elite" is meant less resource intensive as the 6GB of RAM are available to answer queries tasks heavy smoothly. Thus, Vivo Xplay5 Elite will be ability to provide top-flight performance and that, permanently and limiting the heating. Unlike the Galaxy S7 / edge, the Xplay5 Elite does not include any system liquid cooled, but its 6 GB of RAM fill it without any problems.

    A Galaxy S Edge, but with more metal

    In addition to that, the Xplay5 Elite, alongside his elder Xplay5 the first name, also advance as the first Android smartphone that contains almost every feature the design of the Galaxy S line edge. Strangely, Samsung did not frown ... They may have signed an agreement internally who knows. Anyway, I imagine that some will find the design of this Vivo Xplay5 Elite premium more than the S7 edge saw that the back cover is no longer here because glass is metal littered. Yes, the frame of the metal overlaps the rear part.

    At the grip, the feeling is that of a S7 edge, and with a metal back shell that inspires greater confidence in the event of shocks. By sparing the protective glass on the back of his Xplay5 Elite, Vivo has also cleared a surcharge for its after-sales service in case of breakage. So a mobile piece, but I'd be curious to know the quality of the metal used. No desire to find myself with a twisted after sitting smartphone, for example. I nitpick, of course. I imagine that Vivo has already planned the coup.

    128 GB of internal memory, nothing else!

    Offered from 799 euros, you agree to the fact that the first model of the S7 edge has 32 GB of internal storage with the option to extend with external microSD drive (up to 200GB) . For its part, the Vivo Xplay5 Elite, like its predecessor, has no capacity for microSD memory cards, but it is equipped with 128 GB of internal memory. And that? For the same price, if less. For many flash memory is preferred, knowing that she offers a reading speed and much higher write a microSD card.

    In other words, the data sheet is clearly closer to the edge of the S7 variant Snapdragon 820. To put the sidelines prices S7 edge, there still are some concessions were made. It's not really a comparison test, but he must still know that the liquid cooling system is not proposed here, as well as sealing, features curved screens and finish worked less design.
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