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    Windows 10 Mobile Update models and how to install It

    Windows 10 Mobile Update models and how to install It
    Windows 10 Mobile Update models and how to install It

    Microsoft has made available Windows Phone smartphone users the latest version of its mobile Windows 10 system. However not all will have the chance to benefit. Some models have been set aside to preserve a good user experience as the editor.

    So the lucky ones have the opportunity to give a facelift to their smartphone in the best conditions if one believes Microsoft. But how do you do exactly? Some preliminary measures may be necessary even if the installation application help is available to assist users.

    Compatible models for Windows 10 Mobile Update

    Most models of the list provided by Microsoft are logically Lumia. For some it is a clear statement "1 GB" when a declination with a lower memory amount was also for sale. There are also three models of other manufacturers.

    •     Lumia 1520

    •     Lumia 930

    •     Lumia 640 & 640XL

    •     Lumia 730

    •     Lumia 735

    •     Lumia 830

    •     Lumia 532

    •     Lumia 535

    •     Lumia 540

    •     Lumia 635 1GB

    •     Lumia 636 1GB

    •     Lumia 638 1GB

    •     Lumia 430

    •     Lumia 435

    •     BLU Win HD w510u

    •     BLU Win HD LTE x150q

    •     CJD Madosma Q501

    The others had reason for hope in light of statements by Microsoft, who wanted Windows 10 issue all mobile Lumia. It will eventually be the case even if it is not clear that this is a definitive list. They console themselves however with the preview version of mobile Windows 10, most widely distributed, but the possibility of using it would be temporary.

    Preparing your mobile for Windows 10 Mobile Update

    Before you get down to those who want to start should, however, take some time to secure processes and optimize their chances of success and avoid unexpected bugs. Some prior actions could help them.

    We must first take the time to do some cleaning on the smartphone. This may involve removing unnecessary applications or checking the latest updates available. It is especially necessary to free up disk space by deleting unnecessary files in the memory such as music or photos. In all cases, the backup on a computer will prevent any risk losses in case of problems.

    Moreover the update of a complete system, even for smartphone requires downloading a large amount of data and use a lot of resources. We must therefore ensure connection to a wireless network of the highest quality and ensure you charge the battery to its maximum. An open process could seriously cut energy plant the device.

    Upgrade advice for Windows 10 Mobile Update

    Microsoft has made available an application that features with the help of an assistant to check any compatibility issues or blocking situations. Upgrade Advisor is available for download, a simple search in the Windows Store makes finding the plug.

    After downloading and installing the application checks if the phone is indeed eligible. It also checks whether the disk space is sufficient and may propose to transfer content to onedrive or SD card if the phone has the ability.

    Finally the application ensures that the mobile asset uses the latest version of Windows Phone 8.1, a prerequisite for moving to Windows 10 mobile and offers the user to check a box to indicate his wish to perform the update. After this process the update is triggered conventionally via the phone settings to the "Update the phone."

    Subscribers to the Insider program that already use a mobile version of Windows 10 can simply go through the updates to get the latest version. This includes those with unlisted compatible smartphone, but it will probably not install new Preview of Redstone branch.

    Twitter generalizes the "best tweets" and ends TweetDeck

    It is done. No matter scolds users, Twitter has decided to extend the implementation of its algorithm to classify the tweet instead of the reverse chronological order. Since March 15, and as reported by some users, accounts begin to be messed up. Twitter, quoted by The Next Web, subsequently confirmed the information. Do not be surprised if your timeline is more frankly the same in the coming days.

    This new arrangement will be enabled by default, but it is fortunately possible to go back if this does not suit you. Just go to the Twitter settings. In the "Account" tab, then the chapter "content," and finally "over", it will uncheck "Show me the best tweets first." Everything will be fine, and you will find your good old reverse chronological thread.

    The end of the support TweetDeck

    This is not the only change announced by the social network: the killing of the TweetDeck application for Windows (Mac OS is a priori not concerned for the moment) will be held on April 15th. From that date, the software will no longer officially supported by the firm. That said, it should continue to function normally if it is already installed (but this remains to be confirmed), it will however not expect new updates.

    To enjoy the new and future features, it will be imperative to go through the web interface monitoring shall always assured. It will not also need to connect to TweetDeck, Twitter and more "classic" both are now unified. This will avoid having to log in again if you want to use another service like Twitter statistics for example.

    iPhone SE finally an identical design to the iPhone 5S

    It is in the old pots that one makes perfect ... According to a colleague very well informed at 9to5Mac, the future iPhone (5) SE which should be unveiled on March 21 could resume Design iPhone 5S identically. An ad against the foot of the previous rumors. Indeed, until now the noise corridor rather indicated a design similar to the iPhone 6S but for a more competitive price of around 450 dollars.

    Relating to technical characteristics, it would have a 4-inch screen with a resolution of 1136 x 640 pixels, an A9 processor supported by an M9 chip that manages the "Hey Siri" Apple Pay NFC and a 12-megapixel camera with Live Photos. Finally, we would find 16 to 64 GB of internal storage.

    Anyway, it only remains to wait a long time since the conference will take place next Monday. Still, if it turned out, this is good news for all owners of accessories that can be recycled shell, car holder etc.

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