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    Windows 10 Redstone 2 Update will be Coming in spring 2017

    Windows 10 Redstone 2 Update will be Coming in spring 2017
    Windows 10 Redstone 2 Update will be Coming in spring 2017

    Microsoft said that Windows 10 would have to evolve and it would be the latest version of Windows since it would be continuously updated. Users do not expect Windows 11, but other versions of Windows 10. The Winbeta.org site title information from its sources tells us more about those to come.

    Windows 10 in its first version released July 29 is part of the Threshold branch. In November 2015 it's Threshold 2 which took over in 1511 stamped with a version for the general public. Currently participants Insider program that test the Windows 10 developments to come test the version called Redstone (RS1) expected in June this year.

    Windows Store and Continuum Redstone 1

    In addition to the small innovations and improvements that we can already see in development versions of the site Redstone 1 indicates that the major lines will be followed by those of the convergence of Windows devices and applications 10. Therefore priority to the development of Windows 10 mobile which should bring mobile and PC but also to Windows 10 on Xbox Windows Store that should give access to all players with universal applications, ie usable on any device.

    Windows 10 on all devices

    The Continuum function is the priority for RS1. It is not only the Continuum which allows a smartphone running Windows 10 or mobile big screen TV but a complete system that allows the user to switch from a PC to a smartphone to the Xbox or any device without losing the thread of his activities, whether editing an Office document, sending SMS or video game. This week we also saw a future Cortana feature that goes in this direction by proposing to relay PC smartphone notifications or a version of Windows 10 to be connected suitable for Raspberry Pi 3.

    The second version of Redstone will in turn stabilize new features or to finalize the addition of those who have not been made available before in RS1. This does not preclude the introduction of new products and changes in the interface, especially at the new parameters that will continue to fill at the expense of the old control panel still in service.

    However RS2 should not happen at year end as was suggested but later, in spring 2017 still according to sources of information. Redstone or RS1 and RS2 do not trade names used in the interface but codenames development projects. If we follow the logic adopted for Windows 1511 issued in November 2015, the first version of Redstone release expected in June 2016 should logically be called Windows 1606.

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