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    50 Best Android Wear Apps and Games Of 2016 For Your Smartwatch Gadget

    50 Best Android Wear Apps and Games Of 2016 For Your Smartwatch Gadget
    50 Best Android Wear Apps and Games Of 2016 For Your Smartwatch Gadget

    Android Wear is not yet the popular trend in the tech world but soon it will be on many hands around the world. But this is also one of the best thing in the smart watch platform arena, since the launch of Android Wear the continuous improvement of the platform makes the devices a better choice for everyone. As of 2016 there are more than 4000+ Android Wear apps and games in the Google Play Store, The arrival of new devices in recent times has also increased by many folds. In order to get the full out of your Android Wear smart watch, here we compiled a list of best android wear apps for 2016.

    50 Best Android Wear Apps and Games Of 2016 For Your Smartwatch Gadget

    You can take full advantage of your gadget if you install these top android wear apps of 2016 on your smart watch. Your clever wearable tech will be more powerful if you customize it according to your needs. The niche market of smart wearables are filled with some good apps, and we are going to show you those which will make your life a lot easier. Today Android Wear created a real life device that doesn't looks like some science fiction gadgetry, with the unique features and customizable interface and appearance you can really make the smartwatch your own. The best games and apps for Android Wear in 2016 are, 1Weather, Find My Phone, Google Keep, IF by IFTTT, PixtoCam for Android Wear, Pocket Casts, Runtastic Running & Fitness, Store for Android Wear, Wear Messenger, and Wear Mini Launcher. Interval Timer Android Wear, Wear Audio Recorder, Todoist: To-Do List Task List, Video for Android Wear & YouTube, Toggles Wear, Wear Buddy, Lifeline, Tweechip, Wunderlist: To-Do List & Tasks, UP by Jawbone UP2/3/4/Phone, Endomondo Running & Walking and Golf GPS & Scorecard Hole19.

    30 Essential Apps for Android Wear 2016
    30 Essential Apps for Android Wear 2016

    • Android Wear Smartwatch

    • AccuWeather

    • Citymapper

    • Lyft Taxi & Bus Alternative

    • 500px Discover great photos

    • 1Weather: Widget Forecast Radar

    • PaperCraft

    • Under Armour Record

    • Weather Timeline Forecast

    • Bits Watch Face

    • Google Fit Fitness Tracking

    • ustwo Timer Watch Faces

    • Runtastic Running GPS Tracker

    • TripAdvisor Hotels Restaurants

    • WhatsApp Messenger

    • Watch Face - Minimal & Elegant

    • Neo Watch Face

    • Foursquare — Best City Guide

    • Wear Messenger

    • Cord Voice Messenger

    • WatchMaker Watch Face

    • Lifesum The Health Movement

    • Facebook Messenger

    • Bring Shopping List

    • PixtoCam for Android Wear

    • Calendar For Android Wear

    • Pujie Black Watch Face

    • InstaWeather for Android Wear

    • Skymaster Pilot Watch Face

    30 Must have games for Android Wear 2016
    30 Must have games for Android Wear 2016

    • Solitaire Wear

    • Lifeline

    • 2048 Android Wear

    • Rubik's Cube for Android Wear

    • Math it Logic Game

    • GALAXIA (Android Wear)

    • Sookie Says for Wear

    • Space War (Android Wear)

    • Ball Escape Android Wear

    • Wear Droid

    • Repulsion Android Wear

    • Wear Shooter for Moto 360

    • Bow Man Android Wear

    • Swirl Attack Android Wear

    • Flopsy Droid

    • Save The Troops Android Wear

    • Wear Rider Android Wear

    • Soccer Scores - FotMob

    • Golf GPS & Scorecard

    • BeSoccer Football Live Score

    • Onefootball Pure Football

    • Gameday Central NCAA Scores

    • Golfshot: Golf GPS + Tee Times

    • Track My Golf Swing Analyzer

    • Baseball Star Manager

    • Guns 'n' Glory Heros

    • Wear Orbits

    • Tennis Racketeering 

    • Invaders (Android Wear)

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