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    Leonardo DiCaprio's Best Performances Which Deserves an Oscar Will He Finally Gets One for the Revenant

    Even Eddie Redmayne thinks that Leonardo DiCaprio deserves an Oscar at this year 2016 awards. After the Win of a Golden Globe award, Leonardo DiCaprio the 41 year old Hollywood star is all set to break his Oscar duck and may finally get his hands on this year 2016 Oscar award. Even many critics of his work are pretty sure that this 2016 is Leo’s year to finally win an Oscar. His first nomination was way back in the year 1993, but was not lucky enough though. But he also won many other accolades, like Golden Globes with Critics Choice Awards plus various other awards. Oscar awards has many times teased him but this might change this year and poor Leo might have the joy of finally getting one of those small gold dudes? The Revenant is a stunning film, but many people think that Leo's performance in The Revenant is far from being the finest of his older roles. That is why in this article we are going to show you Leonardo DiCaprio's best performances from past films that we think actually deserved an Oscar win for him.

    Leonardo DiCaprio's Best Performances Which Deserves an Oscar Will He Finally Gets One for the Revenant
    Leonardo DiCaprio's Best Performances Which Deserves an Oscar Will He Finally Gets One for the Revenant

    8 Times We Thought Leonardo DiCaprio Will Win an Oscar

    1. What’s Eating Gilbert Grape? Leonardo DiCaprio first nomination for Oscar award, his accurate work was recognized for the role of Johnny Depp’s brother Arnie. The developmentally disabled tough role of a teen boy Arnie in Lasse Hallstrom’s drama was DiCaprio’s breakthrough performance. The critics also wrote about Leo's acting with great enthusiasm of the character, but unfortunately lost to Tommy Lee Jones.

    2. The Aviator was DiCaprio’s next definitive portrayal of his work. DiCaprio exceptionally plays this biopic, which was directed by Martin Scorsese.

    3. Catch Me If You Can from Leo and Tom was one of the lighter mood films from the actors. But both of their performances was superficially underrated, Leo actually shines as the professional fraud who plan his path to the highest places while trying his best not to hurt someone along the way. The crime comedy Catch Me If You Can brought Leo a Golden Globe nomination, but his act was overlooked by the Academy.

    4. The Wolf of Wall Street was also a great dark comedy film but unfortunate for Leo that this time Matthew McConaughey took the best actor trophy to home. Leo plays a charming and deceitful financier, Jordan Belfort, who becomes successful and goes into a wild lifestyle. The role of Jordan Belfort brought Leo a Golden Globe for this work, but not the Oscar.

    5. Titanic won many Oscar awards except one for the acting, Kate Winslet was only nominated, but DiCaprio was not even nominated. But Leo was more likeable and charming in this role than any other movie. He was Jack Dawson in the film and everyone who watched the movie was crying when he died at the end.

    6. The Departed film was also overlooked for Leo's great performance because many was confused to put him in the supporting actor or lead actor category. By some great performances from all the actors, Leo was the one amongst all who was shining in his acting.

    7. Django Unchained brought the surprising performance of Leo's villain portrayal directed by Quentin Tarantino, watching Leo in such a role was quite a shock to the whole world. He deserved an Oscar for the popular glass smashing scene alone, in which he injured his hand by accident in real. But Leo kept the scene going by using his injured hand to some great effect for all the involved actors in that particular scene.

    8. Inception the brain twisting film by Christopher Nolan also brought us the role of an international criminal in which DiCaprio’s performance as Dom Cobb made us to applaud his acting. Leo is stealing important information in Inception by infiltrating the subconscious of high profile targets for money in this great action science fiction adventure. So what do you think of this list of best acting roles of Leonardo DiCaprio which we think was some great performances by him. Which one is your favorite role please leave us your feedback in the comments below?

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