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    Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge common problems and solutions

    Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge common problems and solutions
    Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge common problems and solutions

    If you are or plan to own a Galaxy S6 / edge, you'll be glad to see a practical guide to help is now here to help you in case of trouble. Seeing that he was absent, we have now decided to open a section dedicated to relate the solutions to common problems of the Galaxy S6 / edge. Based on the fact that all solutions are not known, note that the comment field is at your disposal to expose your concern. Without further ado, discover the solutions for Galaxy S6 / edge.

    Here are solutions to problems known Galaxy S6 / edge

    The Galaxy S6 does not light


    If the screen of the Galaxy S6 / edge does not light, do not lose hope because there is a solution.

    To do this, you can try to:

    •     press the power button 'power' for 10 seconds,
    •     This should logically begin the restart of the Galaxy S6.
    •     or Reboot your phone into Recovery, press Home + Power + Volume Up and
    •     A droid appears (in some cases), then help you with keys
    •     Volume +/- to navigate the Recovery and choose Reboot system 'and completed with' power '
    •     or Charge the mobile for 30 minutes and hold for 10 seconds Power support

    Mobile data shortcut disappearance


    If a sticker or quick shortcut you covet disappeared from the status bar / notification no apparent reason or as a result of improper handling, know that it is possible to bring her back. That said, the problem may also arise as a result of a bug caused by an update. Alas, the fact to enable / disable the display of quick shortcut in the status bar options do not solve the problem keeps coming back.


    To do so, it is then necessary:

    •     open the application drawer to launch 'Samsung Apps'.
    •     From here, look for the QuickPanel Restore application,
    •     helping you in the search bar at the top of the screen.
    •     Once the application is installed, start here and click 'Restore'.
    •     When the application is finished, you can uninstall it.

    To verify that everything worked, pull the status bar to see if the icon 'mobile data' has returned.

    The back of the Galaxy S6 comes off


    Although devices may seem robust to buy, they are in some falling to pieces after only a few months of use ... These are usually isolated cases, but can never be too careful. A Galaxy S6, received, reviewed test, presented weaknesses with a detachment of the back cover to the speaker level. Another case occurred in Korea, this time, the cause was the battery that had swelled, then causing the opening and detachment of the shell. Again, it may also be a bad fall on the ground or in water causes detachment of the rear seat, even if the problem is still very rare.


    If ever the problem is presented to you and want to settle it by yourself, you must first get your hands on a special adhesive capable of adhering to plastic and glass. By being a very agile, you will be asked to board on areas where the brand of glue is still present to reinforce it. Once that is finished, close the shell gently and wait a moment for it to dry. Depending on the type of adhesive, it may be that the drying time varies. For more information, see the user guide.

    You do not feel capable? It only remains to call a friend or product warranty.

    The flash (LED) Galaxy S6 will not be extinguished


    In its marketing, many users, including myself during the test, have been blocking the flash (LED) camera that gets stuck on the ignition, and no option to disable it, if c is by turning off the mobile. Boring, Samsung has recognized the problem he solved in a corrective update. If you experience this problem, then it means that you have not updated your Galaxy S6.

    To check for updates of the S6 / edge:

    •     Pull the status bar and click on the mechanical wheel,
    •     which will take you into the 'Android Settings'.
    •     See you at the end of the list and open the menu 'About device'
    •     then click on 'Software Update' and 'Update Now'

    Following this update software, the problem should have disappeared.

    Do you have other problems? Feel free to expose them in the comments. We or the community will be happy to help. If set, we will be sure to introduce them to the article in the near future.

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