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    The best Android cinema apps 2016 To watch trailers and Movie Reviews

    The ceremonies of the Caesars and the Oscars approaching and many people will follow the events. Now, as you know so well, we are followers of applications tops. That is why today so we will offer you our selection of the best movies on Android applications available on the Google Play Store. To avoid confusion, the applications that will be presented here are in no way intended to watch shows or movies on Android smartphone or tablet, but to help and inform you as easy as possible for mobility. Some allow you to watch trailers. We hope that this top best Android applications on cinema will please fans of the genre! If you have criticism and / or suggestions, we are open to your comments.

    The best Android cinema apps 2016 To watch trailers and Movie Reviews
    The best Android cinema apps 2016 To watch trailers and Movie Reviews


    Indispensable for many, applying AlloCine has clearly become a must on Android. From here, you can discover the latest news related to the movie world, about the announcements and rumors around your movies, series, actors, directors and producers preferred.

    As quick with a Moto G 4G Xperia Z3, the application behaves relatively well in use, offering free of any critical flow. In addition to access to the main sections from the left side drawer, AlloCine also has the ability to find the sessions of the nearest cinemas you. Note that this last feature is only for users in mainland France inhabitants. Nothing costs to try the application AlloCine is free on Google Play:

    IMDb Movies & TV

    Among the main challengers of AlloCiné, we could say that the application IMDb Movies & TV is a great alternative to seeking an affordable and easy to use tool. Taking and respecting the main codes of Google's application development, IMDb is presented with a homepage rather well provided, including to his head a banner films of the moment, monitoring of movies playing, the Featured listings, news, movies soon in theaters, notifications and an overview of his IMDb profile (if you have one).

    Of course, the application goes much further and is able to offer you detailed information on each movie and series, and the filmographies of a huge database of actors, directors and producers from any horizon. If I can move a criticism, it is true that the IMDb graphic palette is more restrained qu'AlloCiné, however, seem more advanced functionality. In addition to this, parameters give you the ability to choose where you are, video quality trailers when you're on Wi-Fi or a mobile network, and even manage notifications through a panel of relatively complete options. Try it at least once, this application is free and might surprise you is one of the best movie app on Android.


    Designed for Unconditional of the latest films, PureBreak is a small application that offers over 60 daily news - like movies, series, Reality TV and the most Likes articles - around the cinema.

    In terms of use, the fluidity of the application is relatively good, and this, be it on an input product as upscale. A fluidity which is reflected in ergonomics, with the option to subscribe to specific topics from the application settings. Therefore, you are immediately alerted when a news report on the subject you love has been posted on PureBreak (having previously checked the "Notifications").

    CineTrailer Cinema

    In the first approach, the application CineTrailer Cinema seems relatively simple to use, thanks to a rather well designed interface. At the same time, given the size of the font, it's hard to miss something. That said, this choice eliminates the presence of a left side drawer and a possible home page, but rather go to CineTrailer Cinema chase. At the same time, it is not worse you tell me.

    The application focuses on its home page a number of practical sections, with direct access to the latest trailer, which is in cinemas now or who will soon be in search by genre and downloaded trailers.

    By clicking on a film profile, you will have direct access to its own page, including the trailer video, the name and type, but also its synopsis, or directors, actors, year, duration Film, the distributor, the original title, country, etc. You'll understand the film pages loaded relatively well in terms of information. As if that were not enough, note that the application is also compatible with Google Chromecast, anything that gives him a place in the top of the best movie applications on Android. Beside this, the parameters are fairly complete, and can change the theme, among others.


    In search of a room and a cinema near you, CinéTime the application could well meet your expectations. To function, it is useful to specify that the application needs an internet connection and your GPS location to locate the cinemas nearby, and then tell you the time of proceedings in 140 French cinemas (only) - large chains such as UGC, Pathé, Gaumont, MK2, CGR, Cinéville Mégarama, Kinepolis, large Screen and others.

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