• Friday, March 11, 2016

    A 5.8-inch curved screen for the iPhone 7 Edge Probably not

    A 5.8-inch curved screen for the iPhone 7 Edge Probably not
    A 5.8-inch curved screen for the iPhone 7 Edge Probably not

    New rumor a little crazy about the iPhone 7. As usual, it comes from Digitimes who believes that the future Apple smartphone will adopt a 5.8-inch display using OLED technology. What offer an iPhone 7 Plus Plus which is positioned above the 5.5-inch model, unless it replaces completely.

    If the rumor of an OLED display short for several months now and seems credible, such a diagonal is a little less. On the one hand because it comes from Digitimes (via) whose information is often placed in default; other units, Apple has been slow to agree to increase the size of their screens. We know the chilly firm on these issues, although it has dropped a little ground in recent years.

    iPhone 7 Edge?

    Many observers think so badly the firm take this path as much as 5.8 inches is a size at least atypical, the market generally preferred 5.7 inches. Ray Soneira of Display Mate, quoted by Mac Rumors, however, suggested that this diagonal would suit an iPhone with a curved screen like the versions "Edge" of the Galaxy S6 and S7. One option that has also been considered in these patents Cupertino.

    Rest Apple is not really fond of innovative form factors. Since the iPhone is, Apple has never done folly unlike other manufacturers. The Display Mate analysis does not satisfy us. Even more than usual, it is best to take this rumor with large tweezers and patiently wait until September.

    Android N is already showing, with multi-window

    Google will present in due form the next version of Android, Android N, during the Google I / O end of May. No need to wait for the conference to have some details on the OS since the firm has already issued a "Developer Preview". Like all versions preview, especially so early in the development process, it does not have all the features, but still allows to see some.

    The main novelty of this version and the addition of a multi-window mode, like that propose other manufacturers, including Samsung, via their overlay. Apple also offers a similar feature in iOS 9, but only on iPad. The thing should be in place at the heart of the system, to offer this experience to more people. However, imagine that there will be some conditions in terms of device performance, including the amount of RAM.

    Aesthetically, no major changes to the OS, Android N to not break the code. That said, as noted by our colleagues, the OS is filled with less obvious and more subtle new feature. notifications for example be appreciated journals to display more information, parameters directly displaying some data for readability, a "data saver" mode, which is used to limit the use of mobile data, a "night mode" changes the screen color to yellow and finally to the possibility of a return to white on black interface.

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