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    Microsoft Lumia 650 Review Moving from Android to Windows a breeze

    Microsoft Lumia 650 Review Moving from Android to Windows a breeze
    Microsoft Lumia 650 Review Moving from Android to Windows a breeze

    Microsoft Lumia 650 Review

    Microsoft launched Windows Mobile 10 with three terminals, two upscale (Lumia 950 and 950 XL) and an entry (Lumia 550). It therefore lacked the middle. Here it materialized by the Lumia 650, which is positioned at a price of 229 euros. A low price suggests that the 650 will probably be a big brother around 350 euros with a datasheet a little more luxurious. Who said Lumia 850?

    Before we talk about features, he welcomed the arrival of aluminum at Microsoft. The Lumia 650 is adorned with metal brackets, with a chrome bevel, not unlike those of iPhone 5 / 5S. The result is convincing and makes its effect. Paradoxically, the aesthetics of the phone midrange seems more polished than the high end, but it has the merit of going in the right direction.

    Fineness and lightness

    Microsoft retains however the plastic to the back to be removed to access the battery, that can be so easily replaced. It is also here that we find the Nano SIM and MicroSD slots (200GB max) to expand the 16GB of storage. The material appears (from memory) a little lower quality than the 950, but not unpleasant. Note however a small tendency to score under the fingers, at least on the black model we have had in my hands.

    The 6.9 mm thick 650 make "the Lumia finest ever created", we also explained Microsoft as part of the presentation of his terminal. True, but the finesse is the lightness of the product surprises once in the hand. With 122 grams, we have a phone that will be easily forgotten in a pocket. Note the lack of USB Type-C, yet present on the 950. It was removed for reasons of cost the firm told us.

    Only HD, but beautiful OLED

    For its Lumia 650, Microsoft has opted for a 5-inch slab displaying a HD resolution of 1280 x 720 which we a resolution of about 293 ppi. We would have preferred the Full HD because watching it closely we can distinguish few pixels, but it is not really dramatic. Better, we are facing an OLED slab made very substantial, at least as good as the 950 and 950 XL. This is not to displease.

    This relative weakness of the definition allows in addition to relieving the processor. The Snapdragon 212 is not used for swifter with four cores ARM Cortex A7 1.3GHz, this screen choice is consistent. As part of our preliminary tests, however, we have not seen specific delays. The chip should prove sufficient for the average person, but it would necessarily have to make concessions for games.

    Photos somewhat limited

    The chip should not be greedy. Fortunately, as we saw better than a 2000 mAh battery in a 5-inch phone. Microsoft assured however that the Lumia 650 will be able to hold without any problem one day of use and probably even more. We will wait to test more extensively to make sure.
    The picture part consists of 8 and 5 megapixel sensors, with an LED flash at the rear. The first tests are not Folichons, but at this price, it is difficult to require Microsoft a result as good as the 950. We will see this in more detail in our full review.

    Still, it is clear from our few hours with the Lumia 650 a positive impression. Pending final testing, the value seems to go if one is looking for a Windows terminal 10 cheaper and especially attractive design. Unfortunately for him, the phone is facing tough competition from the side of Android, such as with the recently announced proposed 5X Honor at the same rate and particularly well equipped.

    Change operating system can be scary. On your old Android device, are stored for years many videos, photos, SMS and telephone contacts - and you certainly do not want to lose them. Fortunately, Windows 10 Mobile makes it easy transfer and allows you to keep absolutely everything.

    Recover your SMS and contacts in a wink

    Start first by SMS and telephone contacts, launching in the application list, the aptly named Transfer my data. It allows you, very simply, to recover all of your messages and phone numbers with, of course, the names of these as you had them on your Android.

    First activate Bluetooth on your old Android and on your Lumia 650. Once your old terminal detected by the application Transfer my data, select it. On the Android, then accept the request of the two smartphones coupling.

    On your Lumia 650, you can now choose the data you want to recover - SMS, contacts, or both - and then start the process by pressing the Start button. The transfer time will be shorter or longer, depending on the amount of SMS and contacts.

    Recover your Google data

    If you want to recover your email, calendar and Google contacts, you can set up your Gmail account on the Lumia 650, to synchronize. To do this, go to the All Settings, and then under Accounts, Email address and Add Account. Once you have entered your Google credentials, data synchronization will be launched automatically. You will find as well in the Mail and Calendar applications Outlook, all your appointments, messages and professional contacts.

    Find your Internet favorites

    You can also retrieve favorite Chrome (used by your old Android smartphone) and import it into Edge, the Internet browser Lumia 650. You must first enable the synchronization of Chrome, Android and between your old PC. So you can find your favorites on your computer with the "desktop" version of Google Chrome.

    Then go in Edge, always on your PC. Click on the menu bar (the "hub") and then on Favorites (icon asteroid). Select Import Favorites option. Edge will offer to import bookmarks from Internet Explorer or Chrome. Select Chrome. The files will be automatically transferred into Microsoft's browser.

    It remains for you to synchronize your bookmarks between the computer version of Edge and the browser of your Lumia 650. Simply log in to your Microsoft account on both devices: Sync will be automatic. If nothing happens, make sure that synchronization is enabled in Settings, Accounts and Sync your settings.

    Recover your music and photos

    To migrate your sound files and photos, as well as any other documents stored on your old Android device, simply connect it to your computer via a USB cable, and send them. Then you can choose between two options: transfer everything on your Lumia 650, or through the cloud.

    Load your documents on your new smartphone can be useful if you plan to visit a place without network or Wi-Fi. But otherwise, it may be useful to save memory on your Lumia 650, and the record to an SD card (inserted in the back of the smartphone), or onedrive, the Microsoft account to your storage space.

    For send online, launch the application on your PC onedrive, sign in with your Microsoft account and send your files in the folders Pictures, Videos and Documents. Once the file transfer completed, log in the same way to onedrive on your Lumia 650. You will then find all your documents.

    Onedrive and allows you to store your old documents, to access them from another device (PC, tablet). When you launch your sounds or videos from apps onedrive and Groove Music, these will be available in streaming. You can also choose to download them for use in "offline". When you take new pictures, they will be automatically sent to onedrive - the only condition is to respect the storage limit, which is 5 GB for free use.

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