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    Best Android Games 2016 not to be missed New Top Android Games of the Year

    Best Android Games 2016 not to be missed New Top Android Games of the Year
    Best Android Games 2016 not to be missed New Top Android Games of the Year

    Best New Android Adventure Games 2016 Final Fantasy IX

    Define the best episode of Final Fantasy is virtually impossible. However, the ninth edition launched on Android last month is certainly one of the top 3 of the saga. Now, for the first time since its launch 15 years ago, you can play Final Fantasy IX on a platform other than the PlayStation.

    The Android version of the game is quite accomplished and, although some elements of the reboot could be improved, its history is so addictive that one forgives everything to the game. It should also have at least 40 to 50 hours gameplay to see the end.

    During this epic adventure, you can choose to control one of eight characters. All the classic elements of this saga RPG awaits you. Moreover, the gameplay and battle mode is more similar to those of the first installment of the series and other titles that appeared on PlayStation.

    Best New Android Adventure Games 2016 The Walking Dead: Michonne

    In recent years, Telltale Games has become one of the names in the video game industry's most respected. The same studio, already responsible for the excellent Sam & Max Save the World, managed to reinvent adventure games that take place in the same universe as the comic books and TV series with The Walking Dead.

    The latest installment focuses on the character of Michonne. The first episode of the miniseries, called In Too Deep, is now available, the next two episodes are planned for March and April respectively. Of course, there is the Telltale universe with action sequences quick-time events and dialogues oblligeant us to make strategic choices that will affect the rest of the adventure. Fortunately, it is not necessary to have played the previous episodes to enjoy this episode.

    Best New Android Action Games 2016 Dub Dash

    Dub Dash is one of my favorite games of the month. In this game, you control geometric shapes that continue to advance in the world that seem to come out of science fiction movies of the 80s Your movements are reduced to move to the left or right.

    What may seem simple and monotonous becomes a unique experience when combined with the soundtrack, which sounds at the same speed at which the forms move through the levels. If that does not convince you.

    Best New Android Action Adventure Games 2016 Alto's Adventure

    This is perhaps one of the best Android runners simply. Available for over a year on iOS, this platform game is one of the most addictive of the moment.

    In the game you have to CHECK IT Alto and friends and traveling through mountains, forests and abandoned ruins. Along the way, you will help the lamas fled, to shatter the rooftops, jump across chasms terrifying and show you smarter than the old mountain - all while braving the elements constantly changing and the passage of time the mountain. All elements (soundtrack, graphics, gameplay) together to have a good time. And nothing to spoil the party, Alto's Adventure for free.

    Best New Android Musical Games 2016 Lost in Harmony

    To be honest, this was a time that I had not been love at first sight with a mobile game, but I loved Lost in Harmony. This is the case to say! After completing the first level without too much difficulty, although the obstacles come to be more and more in the game, runner game - front view - shows that the mobile game reserves a very bright future. In terms of animations and effects, you will travel in the present, future and fantasy for a relatively simple handling, the first part consists of a mini tutorial that will teach you the basics of the game. Pleasantly surprised, I recommend you install the game without losing a second. It's free, so you have no excuse!

    Best New Android Kids Games 2016 Sky Chasers

    After completing the first level, I immediately said I should tell you about Sky Chasers. If you like 2D games, Lucky Kat Studios editor might surprise you with this new game where you play as a child in a powered cardboard hunt gold coins and must avoid cute but deadly creatures with the help of gravity and well-known human primary talents are agility and reflexes. Initially, the small world of 2D Sky Chasers is not very hostile with you because he wants to teach you the basics, but do not get caught in the net as the situation gets very quickly. Despite the presence of advertising and micropayments, Sky Chasers is a game that I found addictive and does not necessarily require you to take out your credit card, but still watch certain advertisements or complete a new secret to making a checkpoint. If you feel like the game is available for free download.

    Best New Android Strategy Games 2016 Space Grunts

    Continue our momentum 2D games with the excellent new Space Grunts. The advantage of this type of game is that it does not ask to have the latest mobile or the latest version of Android. If this can give you an idea, my old Galaxy Nexus does function correctly when it is installed with the latest official version of Android 4.3 Jelly Bean (published on this one). As for the game, you are propelled by the year 2476, where you have to cleanse the land of radioactivity, viruses and aliens ... Graphically, I really found attractive with very neat animations, in addition to a resume little mind of an old title in the franchise of Cthulhu. Already available for download, Space Grunts is charged at 2.37 euros and that is ALL.

    Best New Android Skateboarding Games 2016 Skates Lines

    Halfway between the worlds of 2D and 3D, Skate Lines game has its seat in one of the 2.5D in a minimalist world. In terms of handling, Skate Lines is very responsive to touch and teaches you the main bases of skateboarding, but on mobile platform. Who was skateboarder; a little today besides the names and shapes of the figures established in the game are on the margins of reality, but in a 2.5D world again. That said, I think that's what makes it beautiful in difference to other skateboarding games available for Android. However, you'll need an Android 4.3 device to a minimum to operate since it is coded on the basis of OpenGL ES 3.0; which rightly integration office from this version of the OS.

    Best New Android Racing Games 2016 Rocket Ski Racing

    It took at least a 3D game in the list, do not you think? Called Rocket Ski Racing, this 3D arcade game puts you in the shoes of a very high level skier who has to cross quite complex obstacle course, using the accelerometer of your Android. Rather nice to learn, the game is quite nice, but the lack of background music makes it a bit dreary. That said, nothing prevents you to put any of your music by making a small part. Compatible with a bunch of devices; including those no longer young, Rocket Ski Racing is offered for all devices installed with Android 2.3 Gingerbread or newer.

    Best New Android Fighting Games 2016 Gods of Rome

    Have you ever dreamed to play as one of the gods of Greek mythology? Today, it is precisely what we offer Gameloft through its new game Gods of Rome who recently took his seat on the Google Play. At the grip, the title is very comfortable with powerful sequences in addition to graphics breathtaking (which are very fluid on the midrange 2013). Thus, you will embody the legendary figures of Greek mythology as Zeus, Hades, Vulcan, Atlas, Jellyfish, Spartacus and others who each have special skills.

    Best New Android Beat Em Up RPG Games 2016 TrainCrasher

    Oriented followers of Beat 'Em Up, the new game developed and published in Softmax could perhaps become your new personal stress relief. TrainCrasher called, the title was built around an urban universe, the graphics are drawn in 2.5D. At first launch, a very detailed tutorial - in English - you learn the basics of the game (at the keys and combos to know). For my part, I have been pleasantly surprised by the grip is very nervous for an Action-RPG game I advise you to try at least once.

    Best New Android Role Playing Games 2016 Mage And Minions

    To continue the momentum of RPGs, Mage And Minions is a title that really made me think of the first Neverwinter Nights. This is partly by its medieval-fantasy universe and its view in the third person. Here, there is no tutorial offered at the start of the game because the grip is relatively simple shows. As in any RPG, you play as a character in a class of your choice you can change by eradicating the enemies (robots, beasts, demons, aliens, dragons, etc.) completing levels and quests.

    Based on the fact that this kind of game can show gourmand, developers have even introduced a low power mode which cuts slightly graphic quality and the number of frames per second on the screen. In addition to this, Mage And Minions does not need internet connection to work. Finally if, but only if you want to save your evolution with Google Play Games, Facebook or a dedicated account. Want to make the attempt? The game is available free on Google Play for devices from Android 4.0:

    Best New Android Sports Games 2016 Snowboard Party 2

    Unlike the previous three that are playable for free, Snowboard Party 2 is not one of those. That said, this is certainly the snowboarding game the most advanced available for Android. In addition to providing three modes for solo play (Freestyle Big Air and Half-Pipe), a multiplayer allows you to challenge other real players. To become a pro of skiing, the studio Ratrod thought about while incorporating a simple and detailed tutorial that will teach you over 50 unique figures to bring some more spice to your races.

    In terms of compatibility, it is necessary to have a mobile device installed on Android 3.0 Honeycomb or higher. In addition, also be aware that most of the levers are compatible. Finally, Snowboard Party 2 is available and is playable in 10 languages, including French. Try it:

    Best New Android Battle Strategy Games 2016 BattleTime

    To start the year 2016 in beauty, we could not miss out on this great Tower Defense. Designed around a minimalist fantastic, you have to put yourself in the shoes of a strategist by placing your towers so prevent anyone from reaching your castle. Being myself an amateur this style of play, I can tell you that this game perfectly meets defense games, but the fact that he is paying in some grow back. However, you pay only once since there is no additional fee after.

    Best New Android Car Racing Games 2016 Horizon Chase World Tour

    Calling all fans of racing games, is does this tell you to dive back into the 80s and 90s? If the answer is yes, you should consider trying Horizon Chase! Sitting in a retro universe and delivered to the sauce 2015, this arcade title does not impress you with its excellent maneuverability, its graphics with onions and dignified handling of portable consoles period games. Not to mention its great dynamism!

    In terms of content, the player travels through 32 cities out of 73 circuits, where he will release a catalog of 16 vehicles and win up to 7 cuts. To put the icing on the cake, some special products have been specifically optimized for Horizon Chase. It will be possible to return to play in Horizon Chase on Amazon Fire, Android TV, Nexus Player, Green Throttle Atlas, Nvidia Shield, OUYA and Samsung GP20.

    Best New Android Sandbox MMO Games 2016 Albion Online

    I made online role-playing games, but none of them has brought such a broad compatibility, finally an inter-compatibility between platforms. Today, I would particularly like to introduce Albion Online. This is an action adventure game online, where players of all platforms can meet them. What platforms exactly? Well, Windows PC, Linux, Mac OS, iOS and Android, which is not bad!

    In terms of content, Albion Online combines all the essence of an MMORPG worthy of the name. There are battles against monsters (PvE) or against players (PVP); or both simultaneously. You can also manage and customize your equipment and your home operator in crafts and various methods available in. To name a few, you can become a farmer, hunter, blacksmith, dealer, carrier, etc. As for compatibility, Albion Online claims - at least - a good mid-range 2014 and the version of Android 2.3 minimum. The game is not available on Google Play, but on the official site: download.

    Best New Android Arcade Games 2016 The Balloons

    Rather known, the kind "I have to go as high as possible to make as many points as possible" finally sees another style disembark. With its Retro-stage (again), The Balloons is a title that requires the player to hold as long as possible to hang the ball without breaks in order to get a big score.

    To spice it up, the developers have introduced passages and secret levels, in addition to a lottery system and special games bonus. To put the icing on the cake, handling and graphics are waiting for you to excellent flow, including very old devices. Compatible from Android 4.0, The Balloons wait only you to continue the adventure on Google Play when it is offered.

    Best New Android Action Games 2016 Starlit Adventure

    With graphics more in tune with the times and are very "cartoon", I propose now to discover Starlit Adventure. Developed and published by the studio Spil Games, this title brings the player to test his reflexes through perilous levels that border on the puzzle. A good thing to work his thinking and make strategic decisions more quickly. As for the contents, the player will have to pass a total of 64 levels scattered across 8 worlds that each offer very specific challenges, in addition to fierce boss to defeat.

    Best New Android Endless Runner Games 2016 Astral: Origin

    Although this is not an RPG, this game - called Astral: Origin - if still some attributes. This is particularly interesting, given that generally the "runner games" does not really linger on secondary aspects. If you cannot supervise Subway Surfers, you should consider trying Astral will renew your experience, in addition to adding new mechanics and a host of challenges to unlock.

    Best New Android Funny Games 2016 Apocalypse Meow

    Sky Force 2014 is already great in its way, but do you know Apocalypse Meow? In this crazy world, it's not humans who dominate the world, but a band of cats wicked! Fortunately, dogs - divine fighters of space and beyond - are there to give these kitties in their place.

    As for handling, it is rather simple but will you really be able to handle all opponents’ enemies? The more you fill of goals in a game and your ship will be tough for the enemy. The game is too easy for you? You can also change the difficulty level to test your limits. On purpose, the graphics puts an end to a game that proved well optimized on a high-end 2013.

    Best New Android Adventure Games 2016 this war of mine

    In the kind excellent, this war of mine is surely the golden nugget of this selection! Initially available on Steam (for Windows and Mac PCs), this set of 11 bit studios invites the player to embody a band of survivors in a post-apocalyptic environment; where resources are very scarce and the currency-common bandits.

    Inspired by true events, this war of mine awaken your instinct of survival in a world where laws do not exist. On the 3D part, I did not really see any differences between the Steam version I have and the Android version, but the screen ratio is not the same. Again, the game requires a certain level of hardware to run properly. That is to say, a good high-end 2013/2014 minimum and at least 1GB of RAM.

    To provide experience to the task, the developers have also translated the Android version in 11 languages. From there, it is then possible to find English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Russian, Turkish, Japanese, Korean and Brazilian Portuguese. Cheaper than the Steam version for 18 euros, the Android version invoice still the buyer a sum of 15 euros. Once purchased, you will have access to all content and would have no micropayments. Both say "never" because the game is not built on this model.

    New Android Games 2016 Chromatic Souls

    To conclude the selection of November, I suggest you find a turn-based game of adventure and action. Known franchise Final Fantasy, the game system in turn made a number of followers in the world for a genre that now expands a little more on Android with this title called Chromatic Souls. In it, we are dealing with a new kind of 2D in which developers were able to overlay many layers to create smooth animations and very stylish at the pace of the game.

    New Android Games 2016 Prune

    Described in the Play Store as "A love letter to the trees," Plum is a puzzle game that has a great success on iOS before. The gameplay of Plum regards arboriculture. Your tree begins to grow, and you must ensure that it reaches its full height. You should therefore carefully trim its branches and entrenir. When its branches are bathed by the sun and a sufficient number of flower is born, you pass a level. As to your success, the number of objects that stand in your way of success increases.

    Plum is a rare game on Android. Quite minimalist, it deserves reflection and is a great game for a mobile platform. Conceptually, visually and aurally, this game is a total success to try it.

    New Android Games 2016 Need for Speed: No Limits

    Need for Speed: No Limits is almost the opposite of Prune. The game is important and powerful. It is another chapter in a long series of racing games. EA has adapted a number of these titles on Android, and this latest installment is added to this list.

    The game takes place in an urban setting and the races are often short and interesting - some take less than a minute to complete - making it ideal for short sessions on the subway or by waiting. Electronic Arts has made efforts on the design of cars and scenery races. It will be appreciated by fans of the genre, although many in-app purchases are available.

    New Android Games 2016 QuickBoy

    QuickBoy is a free-to-play game that highlights the zombies. This is perhaps the least original idea that you might think but that should not stop you from enjoying QuickBoy.

    So you're familiar ground QuickBoy. This self-runner requires precise timing to avoid the enemies and jump over obstacles. The presentation is fantastic. Everything takes place in a post-apocalyptic world of beige and even the menus have been carefully designed. There is also a reward system that rewards you for your jumps at the right time. If you're done with Fallout Shelter, you can try the Apocalypse QuickBoy until Fallout 4 arrives.

    New Android Games 2016 Eternity Warriors 4

    Eternity Warriors 4 is the latest RPG in the popular series Eternity Warriors the developer Glu. This is a fairly typical tale. You play as a warrior, mage or assassin and must complete quests. Even though the game lacks in originality, its graphics are pleasant. The effects of light and atmosphere create a dramatic atmosphere. And to add insult to injury, the game is free.

    New Android Games 2016 Lara Croft GO

    After the success of last year's Hitman GO, Square Enix has offered the same Tomb Raider franchise the same treatment. Lara Croft GO takes place in the classical world of Tomb Raider but is not played in exactly the same way. This is an adventure / puzzle turn-based. 75 puzzles across five chapters are available. In-app purchases are available but they are not essential. The game costs 4.99 euros but if you do not like it, you can always get a refund.

    New Android Games 2016 Hearthstone

    The card game Hearthstone is not really new Android, but his last extension and the mini-games are offered each week both. Called "The Quest", this extension completely transforms the metagame by integrating over 140 new cards and new game mechanics. Meanwhile, know that you can also discover the "Iron Arm" mode that offers a new adventure every week. If you win the victory in one of them, you can get your hands on a free booster.

    New Android Games 2016 Blitzcrank Poro's Roundup

    If you're one of the players of League of Legends, you may be interested to learn that the editor of this famous Moba released a "runner" variant of its famous title he proposes on Google Play. In it, you put yourself in the shoes of a champion, Blitzcrank particular, in order to catch as many pores as possible, to undermine other champions and run fast to avoid being eaten by Nahshor the Baron.

    New Android Games 2016 Lara Relic Run

    Inspired remarkably well in the universe of the franchise, Square Enix has recently been in the saddle a new mobile version of its hit game Lara Croft (Tomb Raider alias). Like the previous, it is also the family of runners. That said, it is not 2.5D, but in 3D and is played in the third person (from behind). Pretty well supplied in terms of content, it will still need a fairly powerful smartphone to hope to run it properly. I tested on my Moto G 4G 2013, the game slow / crashes every 3 seconds.

    New Android Games 2016 Star Wars: Insurrection

    Who has ever heard of Star Wars at least once in his life. For those who loved the movies, you can now you interfere inside one of them. Dubbed Star Wars: Uprising, this role play and action in the third person - Powered by Kabam - lets you play as a famous hero of the saga (Han Solo, Boba Fett or one of your own creation) to a under which lies halfway between Star Wars "return of the Jedi" and "the Force Awakening". Want more thrills, a cooperation between friends mode is also available.

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