• Friday, March 11, 2016

    Seagate announced the fastest SSD in the world for this summer 2016

    Seagate announced the fastest SSD in the world for this summer 2016
    Seagate announced the fastest SSD in the world for this summer 2016

    The world moves fast SSD. Flash memory disks gradually impose through their performance and regular price cuts that make them more accessible. Different manufacturers is fierce competition. This is the one that will deliver the highest performing drives.

    Seagate to play just to score points with the announcement of an SSD advancing speeds of 10 gigabits per second. A record that will be available in the summer of 2016 and which sprays the 4 GB / s displayed by the previous record claiming the title of "fastest SSD on the world."

    To achieve these speeds, Seagate uses the PCIe (PCI Express) and operates 16 lines available. The manufacturer also announced a version of 8 lines with flow rates of 6.7 GB / s. The SSD also uses the protocol NVMe (Non Volatile Memory Express) and addresses the professional world.

    Google Destination, a new service to calmly plan your vacation

    You're not the only one thinking about your next vacation. Google, the giant search engine and Big Data offers a new service which aims to quickly plan your vacation.

    This new tool is directly accessible from the search engine Google, so there is no additional application to download. Simply type in the search bar the keyword "Destination" followed by the name of a country, a continent or a state (does not work with the name of a city). A list of cities is then offered to you, complete with photos, information about the remarkable places and surrounding areas. "When to go" even tells you the temperature, precipitation, and the popularity of the city following the month of the year.

    Via the tab "Planning a trip" Google correlates data with flights and hotels in the city. You can then enter your dates and refine your searches. You can see when prices are lowest. An estimate of the total price of the trip is offered, including flight and hotel nights. Google states that this service designed and developed for mobile "answers the 50% increase in queries about travel from a smartphone."

    iFixit disassembles the Galaxy S7

    the principle is known: each time a flagship hits the market, the repair specialist iFixit disassembles the judge for his "repairability". The Galaxy S7 is obviously happened between these expert hands for not frankly folichon result with a score of 3/10, less than 4/10 of the Galaxy S6, and well below the iPhone 6S and 7/10.

    Main downside: it is almost impossible to replace the USB port, or the protective glass without breaking the slab which means it will probably invest in a slab for such repair. iFixit also criticizes the presence of glue around to hold the components. However, this has the advantage of guaranteeing a certain place by sealing IP68 required to have a phone.

    Not everything is black however, as many components can still be replaced independently. The battery is also more easily accessible than the S6: it is no longer necessary to remove the motherboard to access. A positive point. Still, the Galaxy S7 will not be easy to fix by hand, and a passage to the service seems inevitable in case of problems.

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