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    Do we need Note 6 after the arrival of Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

    Do we need Note 6 after the arrival of Samsung Galaxy S7 edge
    Do we need Note 6 after the arrival of Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

    Last year, Samsung had created one of the best PHABLET. It was unfortunately not available in France, but the Note 5 was anyway a great device that only could surpass Note 6. However, that's what we thought before the arrival of the Galaxy S7 edge that could well put a blow to the rating range. Does the new flagship of Samsung marked the end of the series of rating?

    Heredity questioned

    The Note 5 was incredible. Those looking for a phone optimized for multitasking, no one was able to compete with the device. Unfortunately for us, this smartphone has not been marketed in France ... We have not had the chance to enjoy the S Pen and enjoy the camera of this smartphone.

    For a while, the Note 5 was the best option for those who wanted a powerful smartphone suited to multitasking. In this area, only the Note 6 would be able to dethrone him. However, the arrival of the Galaxy S7 edge could change the situation by making the shadow not only in Note 5 to the range rating but whole.

    Size does matter

    The Note 5 has a 5.7 inch screen. This places it in the top tier of smartphones with bigger screens, and of course allows to exploit the multi-window mode without problems. On the other hand, it also means that it is difficult to use the device in one hand. Of course, it is possible to cut the screen to use it with one hand, but then what is the point of having a big screen using only a part?

    The Galaxy S7 edge has a 5.5 inch screen. The S6 Edge had only 5.1 inches. It is interesting to see how Samsung wants widescreen edge to its range, it puts them in direct competition with the Note range since Note 5 is wider of only 0.2 inches.

    You can not only use the S7 edge with one hand, but also makes the phone feel smaller than it really is. To me, that perfect balance in design enabled the S7 to reach the ideal size. In terms of potential, the software version of edge further enhances the multitasking aspect, and the screen is so large that it is comparable to Note 5.

    Some rumors claim that the Note 6 could see a slight increase in the size of the screen, it could achieve 5.8 inches. To do what? Winning 0.1 inches will not make big difference, and so improve the screen is really a necessity, as much from a shelf.

    Performance is important

    The S7 edge features 4GB of RAM and an Exynos 8890 processor (Snapdragon 820 or if you do not live in Europe). The smartphone is incredibly fast: move from one application to another, use multiple windows, play, no problem. For at least a year and a half, it is unlikely that other smartphones come to overshadow him.

    According to rumors, the Note 6 might have 6GB of RAM. So what is the point? Some rumors claim that the Note 6 could be used as a kind of notebook. If this is the case, the Galaxy Note S7 edge and 6 would not be in competition. An innovation for the rating range can only be possible at the level of technology, small technical improvements are of little importance to the user.

    Is it really useful to have a smartphone that can make notebook office? Even an old laptop would be more useful as a smartphone. In the long term, a hybrid laptop / PHABLET might be interesting, but the first of this type will not.

    Appearance is important

    The S7 edge adopted the curved back of Note 5, but it is only one of many points that make wonderful smartphone. Like many users, I find that this smartphone is the most beautiful.

    Whether you use the software options the edge or not, the curved screen gives the smartphone screen an amazing appearance, and its weight is perfectly balanced. The Note 6 could be a competitor S7 edge, but I do not think he can surpass it.

    But the pens are not important

    Well, the S Pen can be helpful. In my case, if I see a device with a pen in front of me, I'll play with the stylus for 5 minutes then I tire me. For others, it is an essential accessory. Anyway, you cannot have a pen on the edge S7. Here, the Note series has an advantage since it is possible to use one, but I do not think this feature alone guarantees the survival of the range.


    The S7 edge should be able to do everything that will Note 6. Maybe it will make notebook office, but for now this feature does not seem useful. We'll see what Samsung prepares for us.

    If you want a device with a large screen capable of displaying multiple windows, powerful enough to move from one application to another quickly and with the best camera market, then the Galaxy S7 edge is for you. Best of all, you will have a device that everyone loves. The Note 6 lost his interest, it could well disappear, and this is not your stylus to save him. Do you think the Note 6 is nipped in the bud? Tell me what you think in the comments.

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