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    Top 10 Best Virtual Reality Apps for Android 2016

    Top 10 Best Virtual Reality Apps for Android 2016
    Top 10 Best Virtual Reality Apps for Android 2016

    Discover the world of virtual reality is easier than you might think. Cardboard with Google, you can turn your smartphone into a multimedia center while virtual reality VR in English. But before taking such measures, you can already get an idea of ​​what virtual reality through various applications.

    You can find a Cardboard for less than 10 euros on most online stores, for example on Amazon. Of course, you can go directly by Google, you will find also a design that might please you. You can also create your own cardboard by following these instructions.

    1. Vrse

    This application is created by Vrse.works, a studio specializing in the production of virtual reality videos. Vrse consists of several projects carried out in collaboration with media such as The New York Times or Vice, or with bands like U2 and Muse. The application is free and shows all that can be done with a video production 360. You can find many videos, including concerts, documentaries, performances and even horror films.

    2. Google Cardboard

    The virtual reality application for Google is one of the best starting points for those new to the RV. Designed to work with the Cardboard, application is however compatible with other types of glasses / virtual reality helmets. With this application, it is possible to travel on Google Earth, go to museums cartoons while watching videos and spherical photos.

    3. Insidious 3

    Virtual reality is used to promote certain films. We were able to do with Star Wars: The Force Revival and with the third installment of the saga Insidious. When you start the application, you have a video 360 continues with the plot of the film. Gradually, visual effects become more dramatic. If your stomach is sensitive, it is better to pay attention to how you intend to use this application.

    4. Roller Coaster attraction VR

    On the merits, this application demonstrates that virtual reality technology is anything but new. Roller Coaster attraction VR shows many attractions that existed 20 years ago. You will therefore find a rollercoaster with beautiful scenery and a fun circuit. There are many similar apps in the Play Store, but Roller Coaster attraction VR is a good way to experience the virtual reality glasses.

    5. Caaaaardboard

    Here we have a game developed by Dejobaan Games. To play you need is your phone and your glasses. The concept is simple: you fall into the void. With the right moves, you can earn bonus points. The concept is simple and ideal for those who do not have a virtual reality equipment too advanced.

    6. Galaxy VR Cardboard Space FPS

    You can participate in a galactic battle right from your couch. This application allows travel through clouds of asteroids and shoot down enemy ships. To play, you need a HID controller to shoot the enemies and fly the ship. The graphics at 60 frames per second, but it is possible that your smartphone can not keep pace. It is also possible to create multiplayer games.

    7. Battle 360 ​​VR

    This game lets you manage anti-aircraft guns. You can use a joystick but it is not absolutely necessary to play. A great effort was made on the sound, it is recommended to use headphones.

    8. Space Explorer RVs

    Why not visit a solar system located 5 light years? Planets and satellites are created from images transmitted by NASA. This application is very interesting for all fans of space.

    9. VR InMind

    This game is a mixture of rollercoaster In this game you get into the brain of your patients in search of neurons causing mental problems. The mission is to kill these neurons before the disease gets out of hand.

    10. Trinus VR Lite

    This application is not a game, but it opens the door to virtual reality to all your PC games. Just a smartphone, USB cable, Cardboard and obviously a PC with games. The free version allows you to play about 10 minutes a day. The paid version costs € 6.99, but I advise you to test the free version before you take the plunge.

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