• Tuesday, March 15, 2016

    Forget Google Chrome Opera Mini is the best Android browser

    Forget Google Chrome Opera Mini is the best Android browser
    Forget Google Chrome Opera Mini is the best Android browser

    Why test Opera Mini?

    In general, I'm not a big fan of the comparative rankings of applications. However, when it comes to web browsers, it is important to compare them to see which is the best and, above all, why. Whether on desktops, laptops, tablets or smartphones, this logic is the same.

    I try to follow the trends around the Internet browsers, such as new extensions or plugins. If you know a minimum this area, you know that some companies are trying to monopolize the market: Microsoft Internet Explorer / Edge, Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox.

    What about the competition? In recent days, I decided to abandon Chrome and started to use Opera as your browser on Android. I present below three reasons that might well convince you to do the same.

    1. The updates make the difference

    When I use Opera Mini, I have recently done a very interesting update. The application supports microSD cards, which allows the browser to save the data to an external storage system. Moreover, whatever works on Opera Mini can be saved on the SD card: photos, videos and even browser data.

    The feature I find most interesting is the boost of videos that exist only in the full version of the browser. With this, Opera Mini compresses a portion of the video data to speed up loading and saving data. In addition, this system can play videos faster wifi without your battery or your processor is too attacked.

    The day before this update, another MAJ added an integrated QR code reader in the browser. So every time I see a QR code on the subway or anywhere else, I can go through the browser itself will then process the information on the Internet.

    2. Lots of Unique features

    The Opera browser is still associated with the economy, whether in terms of performance or in terms of mobile data. However, there are many other features that make it unique and worth mentioning.

    The first is a night mode that makes all the difference in use. This mode adjusts the display settings of the device, which makes reading text and much nicer websites. You can control the brightness level, which of course has an influence on the battery.

    Another point that caught my attention lies in the parameters of pages that can be adapted according to the device type. For example, if you are using a tablet, you can choose the option that optime the browser, the pages will then be loaded for use on large screens.

    Smartphone, the utilization of the screen is interesting. You can see below Opera Mini smartphone mode, and, next, Chrome in standard mode.

    In addition to Web browsing, the performance gain is worth emphasizing. In the settings of Opera Mini, you can configure how the images are displayed and recorded. It is possible to compress images for that page loading is faster.

    3. Downloading and data compression

    When I use Opera Mini, I conducted various configurations to optimize the Internet. Images are compacted, the video accelerator is activated, the data saver is turned on (and is known as Opera Turbo).

    Between 6 and 8 March, Opera Mini has treated 121 MB of data. 51.43 of which have been compressed by the browser. Chrome has it received 453 MB of data and a compressed 98.32 MB

    In other words, Chrome on data management has led to a larger consumer with less compression options. Opera Turbo is more efficient.

    Is it worth it to install Opera Mini on Android?

    In addition to the features mentioned above, Opera Mini supports Facebook notifications and many other features. Of course, many of Opera options are on Chrome, but Google's browser loses at the amount of resources, particularly those that improve Internet browsing.

    Opera Mini is perhaps not your primary browser on Android, but it could be good. In addition to being efficient and fast, the browser takes up very little space on the device.

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