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    How to share the screen of an Android mobile over internet

    How to share the screen of an Android mobile over internet
    How to share the screen of an Android mobile over internet

    ScreenMeet, application for 'streamer' it’s Android on the web

    What is the purpose of this solution?

    Need to present a project remotely, but your resources are limited? The ScreenMeet application is here for. Want to share something unusual to a friend, but you do not want others to see it? ScreenMeet is here for. Short. You guessed it, there are several situations that can lead to use ScreenMeet.

    No need to draw you a picture, you have probably realized that the Android application ScreenMeet widens the range of possibilities of a mobile Android, at the video broadcast and sharing. In the free version of the service; which is almost unlimited use, you can invite up to 5 people simultaneously.

    To climb up to 50 people, ScreenMeet offers a range of packages in the month from 20 to 249 pounds. In addition to invite up to 50 people, the first package model allows the user to enjoy a personalized URL and password protection, as regards the compatibility Android. That being said, I was able last two elements without being forced to leave my credit card.

    How is the application?

    To exploit ScreenMeet we will already began by the opening. After that, we will create an account. Here, you are free to choose the method. Once this is done, the application opens on the home page. From here you can see a link is highlighted to his head. Clearly, this relationship - which already carries perhaps your name or pseudonym - will prove useful to other users to join. From the home page, the application even easier to share this link by highlighting the possibilities (which are based on the applications installed).

    Before launching video streaming on the web, we will first click the displayed mechanical wheel on the top right. By opening it, you will fall nose to nose with notable options. Among them we can mention the possibility of changing the word displayed at the end of the custom address. In the 'Performance' is an option (Crank) which determines the level of speed / quality of the stream of video that is broadcast.

    To put the icing on the cake, the ScreenMeet application is also able to secure the video stream password and that, so 'Custom' (custom) or 'Dynamic' (randomly generated). If you chose to configure a password, a second option to force password entry for guests.

    From the moment everything is set, we can now press 'Start' to start streaming video of the Android mobile screen on the web. To check that everything is working, you can even go to your own stream to verify everything. Rather simple, just follow the link displayed on the home page of the application. If everything is good, you can start inviting friends. Also, keep in mind that you can change the performance of streaming video at any time from application settings.

    What is the compatibility level?

    As I briefly mentioned earlier this article, the compatibility level of ScreenMeet app requires a device installed with Android 5.0 or later, plus an alternative soon scheduled for iPhone.

    That said, ScreenMeet extends its compatibility to other horizons that are fixed operating systems. Taking developing guidelines around the Material Design Google, there is three other installable versions (on Windows (32 or 34 bit) and Mac OSX (64-bit)) for those who want to go a little further (details).

    ScreenMeet for Android? Try ScreenMeet, the application is available for free download on Google Play:

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