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    How to increase the RAM of your Android smartphone

    How to increase the RAM of your Android smartphone
    How to increase the RAM of your Android smartphone

    What is the RAM (Random Access Memory)?

    The RAM is the memory of a device. Each extinction, it is erased. This is what the system uses to place temporary data for use in different applications. We have more RAM on the device, the more we can run applications simultaneously. The OS and system processes also consume. But on devices that have less than one GB of RAM, over time and strength to install more and more applications, slowdowns begin to be felt.

    Increase your RAM without root

    Now that you have an idea of ​​what RAM, we'll see how to preserve it. In this first part, we will see tips for non-Rootes devices.

    Limit widgets and livewallpapers

    They are both greedy elements widgets refresh the data in some cases and livewallpapers being animated wallpapers, they are continually active. The battery can also drain more quickly with their use. So remember to limit their use to optimize your RAM usage.

    Disable applications

    Some applications run in the background while they are unused. And yes, even the consumption RAM wasted. Make sorting in these applications may take time but will bear fruit.

    To disable an application, go to Settings> Applications for the listing of all the applications on your device. To disable an application, press and stop it if necessary, then press the Disable button and confirm. Be careful not to turn off everything and anything, if you do not want to end up on an unstable system. And if possible do not use more than three applications simultaneously.

    Disable animations

    transition animations and opening windows are also greedy, and sometimes not necessary. You can handle this in development options. To do this, go to Settings> Developer Options.

    Next, slide the Drawing Section or Track and disable the following options, and your RAM will thank you:

    •      Window Animation Scale
    •      Transition Animation Scale
    •      animator duration scale

    Increase your RAM (root)

    Now lets the game to Rootes devices. In this part, the trick is to create a swap partition on your SD card. To achieve this we will use the application ROEHSOFT RAM Expander (SWAP), available on Google Play.

    That brings the application? (Information from the app on the Google Play Store):

    •      Use some or all of your SD Card memory as RAM (SWAP)
    •      Extension of RAM by up to SWAP file 4,0Go (limit imposed by the system)
    •      No limit to create SWAP partitions!
    •      Degradation of performance of the pagination is not present from the SD card Class 8
    •      Widget to Enable / Disable quickly SWAP (swap on / off)
    •      Detailed information and memory analysis
    •      Auto run (Management Control)
    •      Setting the Kernel swappiness (control of swap file usage density)
    •      optimal setting in one click! (“Optimal Values"> optimization and automatic calculation)
    •      Supports Android compatibility with ROOT and kernel access for SWAP

    You will need an SD card of minimum 4 class. For best results, it recommended to use a microSD card of higher class.

    Check the compatibility of your device

    Download MemoryInfo & Check Swapfile then start there. Allow the application to use the rights of SuperUser. Click "Roehsoft ramexpander test" at the bottom of the screen. Select sdcard or ExtSDCard. Press "Click for result". Congratulations if appears, your device is compatible with the technology swap.

    Install the "Swap"

    Download ROEHSOFT RAM Expander (SWAP) and start the application. Give it root permissions and choose your language (you can choose between English, German and French). SWAP Use the cursor to select the partition you want to use that amount. Press "best values" to adjust settings automatically for maximum performance. "Self-management" must also be enabled. It remains only to click on "asset swap" to activate the swap. The SD card will however inaccessible from a computer, why disable the swap. Did it work for you?

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