• Saturday, March 5, 2016

    EAS Easy App Switcher app will boost your Android experience

    EAS Easy App Switcher app will boost your Android experience
    EAS Easy App Switcher app will boost your Android experience

    What is EAS: Easy App Switcher?

    EAS is an application that adds floating icons to your Android screen. Its essential function is to let you switch between your two apps most recently used. For example, if you surf the Internet while following a WhatsApp chat, you can just press the button to switch between the two applications.

    What makes the app great?

    Without this app, if you wish to return to WhatsApp from Chrome, you could not do it with the back button (because it would bring you to the previous page of the browser). You can visit the Recent Apps menu to select WhatsApp there, but it would take two steps to get there. It's not so bad, but EAS offers to get there in one step.

    The app is efficient because it eliminates the intermediate step of navigating through recent apps, and lets you swap the latest application in one motion. You can exclude the application of your choice from the options menu EAS. This functionality is crucial. There are many applications whose use is not constant (take for example a weather app, or the settings menu). The kind of apps that we visit once a day, and on which no plans to return!

    What can I do?

    EAS has another function. In swipant the button, you can show your latest applications and a shortcut to your favorite. You can also customize the floating icon by adjusting its size and transparency.

    What are its shortcomings?

    One of EAS problems: Easy App Switcher is that, regardless of the size that you give him, he will always put in the way. This is the problem of all the floating apps, and there is still no solution known to date. EAS can parameterize for use on one of the buttons below the screen would be a great idea.

    In addition, EAS allows you to select different default action for the button, but they are not all interesting. You can assign a function of recent apps, from home button or back button. But honestly, it's pretty useless since they are the functions provided to the base by the buttons on the bottom of the screen Android ...

    Should I install it?

    Yes. The app is free and offers a shortcut unattainable with traditional Android interface. EAS is certainly worth a look, while remaining aware that its concept of floating app will not please everyone.

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