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    Huawei Honor 5X Personal Experience After One Month Of Use

    Huawei Honor 5X Personal Experience After One Month Of Use
    Huawei Honor 5X Personal Experience After One Month Of Use

    To avoid going in any direction, the easiest way is probably to present my feelings on the point to point phone, like a test. Of course, everything you read is based on my experience, so do not make any conclusion without having tested the device yourself.

    The design is very nice ... but a little disappointing

    I had the opportunity to test the smartphone so I knew what to expect. almost. The grip is very nice, the buttons are well placed, I have no complaints at this level. The disappointment, for cons, it is the speed at which I scratched the back of the smartphone. Actually, I do not really understand how it happened since the smartphone is either in my pocket or on a desk, but the fact remains that very few scratches appeared on the back of the unit. They are barely visible and do not bother me, but this is too much. So I buy a protection system, which is a shame since it is metal, but I will not take the risk of scratching it further.

    The screen is one of the great strengths of the smartphone

    On this point, I am very satisfied. The screen size is something very significant, but the image quality is equally important. Admittedly, the definition could be higher because we have here simple Full HD, but for the price and for my use, that's enough.

    The fingerprint reader is excellent

    The fingerprint reader of this smartphone has a very good reputation, and he deserves. In addition to being quick and accurate, you can assign certain functions to specific movements on the drive. The most interesting among them are receiving calls and displaying the notifications panel.

    After a difficult start, I eventually adopt the system

    Here things get tough but some problems all have a solution. Although today I have no problems, the beginning was a bit laborious.

    EMUI vs Nova Launcher

    Let's start with the interface. I suspected that I would have some difficulty with EMUI over the long term, but it frustrated me even faster than expected. From day one, I installed the Nova launcher and changed the wallpaper.

    I met many difficulties in life, at least until I understand where did the problems are.

    Problem notifications

    Some applications do not want to see notifications, particularly Telegram. In other words, I realized that only someone wrote me that when I opened the application. Not top emergency. The solution is simple, just go in the list of protected applications and enable those who do not send me notifications. Applications that were not activated in this list simply was not allowed to function when the screen is paused. If you encounter this problem also you can watch the side connected applications and see if they can exploit mobile data and / or WiFi.

    WiFi problem

    I use my home WiFi connection all that is most normal, the only difference is that I have hidden the SSID to avoid seeing the crafty fill the residence with the log of login attempts (probably using Kali). If the first two days I managed to connect easily to the network (which was however hidden), overnight he could no longer detect it. If I was on the SSID visible, it could connect to the network as if nothing had happened, but as soon as I masquais, he was unable to find it. After a reset connection settings, everything is back in order and things work today without problems. What happened? No idea.

    The system is not particularly fast, but he does his job

    In all the applications I use, one regular plant: Sheets (Google). Occasionally I meet some slowdowns but nothing major though, and important applications run without problems. When I open too many applications at the same time, I can feel the heat slightly smartphone but this is absolutely nothing embarrassing, and it does has no influence on performance.

    Apparently my Bluetooth headphones do not like this smartphone

    At the appeals level, the quality is far from being bad but I got used to going through headphones, the difference is clear. To be honest, I did not listen to music directly from the speakers of the phone, I prefer going through headphones and I also had problems with this system. For reasons that escape me, my Bluetooth headset sometimes suddenly disconnect. This happens quite rarely, fortunately, but it's very strange because I do not have this problem with other phones. For example, I sometimes listen to music quietly in the subway and then, from one second to the other, more music and must reconnect the headset to the smartphone. Strange.

    A very satisfactory range

    If there is one point where I have no criticism to make, it is that of autonomy. I can at least hold a day and a half without having to recharge box and often both. Of course, I do not use my smartphone intensively, it is possible that some of you just take a day. For basic use (email, WhatsApp, surfing etc), I think autonomy is very satisfactory.

    Despite some surprises, everything is back to normal and I do not regret my purchase. If you have questions about this smartphone, feel free to ask them in the comments. If you are also provided a 5X Honor, feel free to share your experience with us.

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