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    JBL Pulse 2 Review The most compact Light Bluetooth speaker

    JBL Pulse 2 Review The most compact Light Bluetooth speaker
    JBL Pulse 2 Review The most compact Light Bluetooth speaker

    The compact Bluetooth speakers tend to look more and more and that's why JBL Pulse 2 offers a refreshing originality. It not only delivers sound great, but in addition it includes an interactive LED lighting system. In France, it is found to 199 euros on the JBL website.

    The color scheme features 12 different modes that are selected by pressing a button that also serves to cut this light. The mobile application for Android and iOS can control the play of light and to download new modes.

    Another unique and fun option, an integrated sensor to the enclosure allows him to play chameleons copying the color of an object or a piece of paper that is placed in its axis. It is only a gadget, which has not always worked for us, but still pleasant.

    As you would expect, the color scheme is also syncs with the style of music that we listen. It is also possible to download tones to create ambiances in accompanying lighting (waves, fire, rain, stars ...).

    Another detail to note, it is possible to combine two Pulse 2 for a more powerful sound. The enclosure itself seems fairly robust (775 grams). It is protected against splashes, but it is not waterproof. The micro-USB port and audio output are protected by a flap.

    Note also the presence of a microphone for hands-free calling which works very well. In contrast, the Pulse 2 does not have the USB charging system for mobile devices that are found on the speakers of the load range. Autonomy is given to 10 hours listening to music alone (which is very good) and 5 hours when the lighting system is switched on.


    In terms of performance, the Pulse 2 is comparable to the load 2+ release in 2015, making it one of the best Bluetooth speakers in its class with low correct and very good audio precision. Compared to the pulse 1, 2 has a greater number of LEDs and braiding overlying the enclosure is denser and ensures a more gentle diffusion of the light.

    In terms of sound, we reproached the Pulse 1 its tendency to distortion at high volume. The Pulse 2 is doing a little better in that area. The sound is better overall and bass a little more efficient. You should know that the signal processor (DSP) flange frequencies when the chamber is overloaded with dense pieces instrumental level.

    With this type of free compact wireless speakers, the trick is to find the right balance between a powerful enough sound and acceptable distortion level. Whether with 2+ load, the Flip 3 and the Pulse 2, JBL managed to find a very good compromise.

    Those who would like to get a more powerful sound can combine two Pulse. The lighting set is synchronized between the speakers, but we cannot create a true stereo effect right and left. It does not get more powerful bass or details, but it expands the sound stage, especially if space is pregnant of several meters.

    Lighting effects are paying a little more. But at 199 euros (probably a bit less in the coming months), the Pulse 2 offers a very good price / quality ratio.

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