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    Huawei P9 vs Huawei P8 is that new updated version good enough

    Huawei P9 vs Huawei P8 is that new updated version good enough
    Huawei P9 vs Huawei P8 is that new updated version good enough

    Huawei P9 vs Huawei P8 design and finish

    Since P7, Huawei understands that having a premium design was now a size advantage, the limit of the essential. One thing reproduced with P8 and P9 also seems to adopt. Unlike his two older brothers, the newborn could see a frame and a back shell worked better with a more qualitative texture jutting with "parallel lines" in the latest Huawei teaser.

    In hand, the Huawei P8 was a little reminds of OnePlus X, but bigger. Looking good, the dimensions are not the same, including the screen that goes from 5 to 5.2 inches, but that is not the purpose of this comparison. Going back to the design, the Huawei P8 which was shown by the Chinese brand seems to be a real logical continuation of the P8, with the integration of a USB-C port and a fingerprint sensor that P8 does not have. History bury the vis-à-vis delay competition by putting himself on the sidelines with it.

    Huawei P9 vs Huawei P8 screen quality

    Regarding the size and screen definition, there would be no change, at least this is the gossip. So we would see front of a screen with a diagonal of 5.2 inches and a resolution Full-HD (1080 by 1920 pixels), but the technology would have meanwhile changed. To believe the noise corridor, the Chinese giant has chosen to adopt a new type of slab resting on AMOLED technology. If the information is confirmed, so Huawei would bid farewell to the NEO IPS LCD. For those unaware, the Neo Technology offers the same depth of black that AMOLED, unlike the pixel AMOLED do not consume battery as they are considered extinct. A rather good news for Huawei, but the AMOLED is far from perfect, especially in sunlight. To protect the screen, the technology Gorilla Glass 4 is also in the game.

    Huawei P9 vs Huawei P8 software interface

    If the rumor of an AMOLED panel is established, the "black" interface Huawei should be more than happy. In tune with the times, the design of the interface is completely flattened (flat), in addition to providing all the customization features already available from Honor. To name a few, there you can see the ability to customize the status bar and navigation, in addition to voice features and different themes. Speaking of these themes, they are in 3 or 4 by default and others that can be downloaded on the internet.

    For those who ask the question of the quality of photos and videos produced by P8, you can leave with peace of mind. For having tried several times, the camera 13 mega pixels of P8 has an aperture f / 2.0. In daylight, the rendering of photographs is really good and enlightened, where it breaks a little figure in a less bright environment. In the middle range, the P8's camera is still among the best. As for P9, Huawei confirms want to walk in the footsteps of LG and this, by installing a dual 12-megapixel camera. Why? Produce clearer pictures by making two simultaneous pictures of way, in addition to helping its optical stabilizer (OIS) and a laser autofocus that can be seen in the back.

    Huawei P9 vs Huawei P8 Performance

    To talk about performance, we can already start with the processor that is the same from one generation to another. Currently, the Huawei P8 offers Kirin 930 in the European version. Developed by Huawei, the System-on-Chip house is engraved in 28 nanometers. To get a little more technical, it is armed with 8 cores divided into two processors: an ARM Cortex-A53 four cores for demanding tasks, then an ARM Cortex-A53 including the same number of cores, but is dedicated to govern less energy tasks. How to differentiate? Their clock frequency is higher or lower, the highest is dedicated to handle intensive tasks. To complement these, 3GB RAM operate under the hood to ensure the fluidity of Android.

    In front, the new Huawei P9 should be marketed with the new iteration "Kirin 950". Engraved in 16 nanometers, the new SoC should provide better heat dissipation, and enhanced performance. Always based on 8 cores separated into two distinct processors, the Kirin 950 is changing a branch of it to the ARM Cortex-A72, which is the logical continuation of the Cortex-A15, in addition to being 3.5 times efficient. As for the RAM, the information we have to date raised the existence of two versions: a 32GB of storage space with 3GB of RAM, followed by another in highest range of 64 GB of memory internal and 4GB of RAM. Another rumor also mentions a version with 6 GB of RAM. Have to wait for the official announcement!

    Huawei P9 vs Huawei P8 battery life

    In everyday life, the Huawei P8 can take more than a day and a half away from the charger with a battery with a capacity of 2680 mAh. Based on the fact that the processor engraving is lower and therefore less energy, P9 should logically produce better battery for this, but also for its larger capacity battery. Indeed, the P9 could win 320 mAh for now build around 3000 mAh. For its battery life, it is expected a day and a half, if a little more. It remains to see what Huawei reserve now.

    Huawei P9 vs Huawei P8 Conclusion

    For now, we were finally able to lay the foundations. Following this, we are before a natural evolution of the P8, but Huawei should seriously review its prices. In wanting to play in the big leagues, he could soon be back up by the rulers of the area. Today, the Huawei P8 can be purchased around 300 euros, which is still quite expensive for the level of technology components. In 2016, he said that Huawei might have the urge to charge for design changes, processor, internal memory, RAM and battery around 500 euros. It is yet to be taken with large tweezers, but rumors are never far away real prizes.

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