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    Best 3 Android Camera Apps do some pretty crazy things with your Smartphone

    Best 3 Android Camera Apps do some pretty crazy things with your Smartphone
    Best 3 Android Camera Apps do some pretty crazy things with your Smartphone

    I would like you now (re) discover your camera through a few applications. Of course, you know how to photograph your friends or beautiful scenery, but did you know that your camera can be used for other purposes? You will find 3 pretty special applications may not have you necessarily useful but they have the merit of being original.

    PhotoMath Calculator picture

    This application is for kids, students and anyone interested in equations. Do not beat around the bush, the concept is childishly simple: using your camera and aim an equation and then applying the fixes for you. If you prefer, you can go through the keyboard mode and enter the equation manually.

    The application had some difficulties to scan my writing, but if you take an equation on the screen (as in the screenshot above) you will not have any worries. You can make up to 3 unknown equations and all the basic symbols are supported (fractions, square roots, etc.). Further functions are also available but less developed. The app not only shows you the results, it also details the system you to help you understand.

    GIF Camera

    Here is an application for those who love to capture the moments with a picture ... But not any: a .gif file. For those who do not know what a GIF, it is a moving image, ie an image containing a kind of very short video. Some GIFs have become particularly popular on the web and through this application, it is up to you to launch the new fashion.

    Simply launch the application and film as if it were a video, once this is done you just have to save the video. On a Z3 Compact, I received an error message when saving but the image was recorded anyway. The application also contains a library of GIFs, called Funny Gifs, who can cheer you in moments of boredom or when you have a minute to lose.

    Vivino Explorer wines

    Whether you love or wine expert, this application should please you. The concept is very simple here, too: you place the focus of your device on the bottle label and the application gives you applications (very) detailed on the wine in question.

    The application will show you the notes that users have attributed to this wine and you can also read their comments and experiences. This can be very convenient for you decide to purchase, if you hesitate between two bottles for example. The application will also inform you about the price and the stores where you can buy this type of wine.

    Most photography apps involve taking photographs and improving the quality of images. Others are more interested in filters for selfies, such MSQRD. Emerging applications of the ordinary are harder to find, so if you know please share them with us in the comments.

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