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    LG G5 Review the most innovative first modular smartphone of 2016

    LG G5 Review the most innovative first modular smartphone of 2016
    LG G5 Review the most innovative first modular smartphone of 2016

    LG G5 Release date and price

    The LG G5 was presented earlier at the opening of MWC 2016 in Barcelona. For now, we ignore the smartphone's launch date on the European market, all we know is that it will happen in early April. At first glance, one can imagine a higher price compared to the LG G4. However, it is important to note that LG has completely changed the design of the phone and offers important innovations.

    One model will be launched with 32GB of internal storage but expandable microSD card (up to 2TB). Four colors are available: silver, black, gold and rose gold. In terms of pricing, the 32GB version will cost 699 euros. LG confirmed to our colleagues that the LG G5 will be released on 2nd April. Pre-orders will begin from March 18. For the occasion, LG will offer free LG Cam Plus module for everyone who pre-order the LG G5.

    LG G5 Design and finishing

    With G5, LG seems to completely change strategy. The LG G5 obviously shows some features of G4 but is also distinct in many ways. Remind us that the G4 was one of the few flagship models presented in 2015 not to propose a unibody metal, preferring to focus instead on a removable plastic cover or leather depending on the model. With the G5, the Korean brand has decided to move on passing quality materials. A unibody metal is on the menu.

    Unlike its predecessor, the G5 offers a significantly thinner profile with a thickness of 8.2 mm on average (9.8 mm for the G4) and a stylish metal body more resistant to scratches and other hazards of everyday life. The grip confirms this visual sensation. The smartphone is robust and easily fits in the palm of the hand. This feeling is also explained by the fact that the smartphone has a slightly smaller screen than its predecessor. Another new finishes are now at the premium competitors and have nothing to envy to Samsung for example. It is clearly in front of a high-end smartphone.

    The other revolution in the South Korean manufacturer is in the volume buttons that do more now located at the rear of the device, but on the edge, like most of the smartphones on the market. LG has given up the volume buttons on the back, the mark. Personally, I think it is a wise decision and it will reassure users from other brands.

    Instead of these buttons, so we find ourselves at the terminal arrest arrested the G5 camera that has a dual lens. Under the lens of the camera takes up a fingerprint reader, become indispensable feature on high-end smartphones and missing so far on the G4.

    Another interesting aspect that we see, the G5 offers the feature of being removable or adjustable, thereby removing the battery. The system is rather clever and a button is present on the bottom left side to activate the mechanism.

    On the right side, we find the power button and the slot dedicated to the SIM card and micro SD card. Finally along the bottom edge of smartphone displays USB Type C and speakers. The front is mainly dedicated to the 5.3 inch screen. At the top, we find the purpose of the front camera and speakerphone for calls.

    Aesthetically, LG has made great efforts. But in addition to a new design that will appeal enormously to the public, the South Korean brand has also produced a particularly ergonomic smartphone easy to handle with one hand. All physical buttons are accessible without any problems and the build quality is excellent.

    LG G5 Screen

    The screen of the LG G5 is, as stated before, 0.2 inches smaller than the LG G4 and therefore offers total diagonal of 5.3 inches which is officially leave the family PHABLET. The definition, however, does not change and remains at WQHD 2560 x 1440 pixels.

    Those who expected a 4K display will be disappointed but we must admit that too high definitions do not seem to really break through and LG did not seem to really want to venture into that territory. The Korean manufacturer prefers to stay on the values ​​that have already proven themselves rather than advancing on land whose effectiveness is not yet fully proven.

    The technology used for the screen is always IPS, unlike the Super AMOLED of Samsung. But rest assured, the screen is able to guarantee extremely bright images and perfect contrast. With colors DCI (Digital Cinema InitiativesCome), colors appear natural. Viewing angles are also excellent, including in conditions where artificial light is very strong, which was the case during my grip.

    The G5 also includes an interesting feature called Always On. With this option, you can have an eye on your notifications at any time, without manually turn the display on the date, time and notifications. This is a function similar to Ambient Display introduced Marshmallow.

    The principle of this method is simple: you can access your notifications (messages, missed calls etc) without having to turn on the screen. Interesting, yes. Again, no. Motorola is already using this concept with its Active Display mode, Nexus does with Ambient Display, and Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge should also use similar technology. Only a complete test of the device will allow us to determine if this feature has implications for Battery Life but LG has promised that it would have no impact.

    LG G5 General Features A fingerprint reader

    With G5, LG has adapted to market requirements but also to those users by integrating a fingerprint reader. The reader, in addition to unlock the smartphone, allows you to perform other functions such as launching the camera, answer incoming calls or silence the alarm. The brand representative assured us that the sensor was one of the fastest on the market.

    During my grip, the G5 fingerprint reader was particularly sensitive, as that present in the Galaxy S6 for example. I had no problem in its use and LG seems to have particularly optimized operation. Finally, it takes a few simple steps to set it.

    Among the special features offered by LG G5, there is also a magical slot that allows you to connect external gadgets like portable keyboards, speakers, virtual reality helmets and so on.

    USB Type-C

    2016 also seems to mark the beginning of the spread of USB Type-C. The G5 proposes this novelty. This is not a surprise because LG had already built its Nexus 5X year.

    Magic Slot

    The G5 is unibody, but nevertheless its removable battery remains. All this was made possible thanks to an innovation called Magic Slot which opens the bottom of the terminal and access the battery by sliding down to remove it. While the idea is great and it works fine, I admit that in practice I remain skeptical about its use in the long term (10000 LG promises uses minimum). Especially since this slot is also used to connect other accessories, such as an additional camera module (Cam Plus) or an additional audio module (HiFi more) accessories that are sold separately, of course.

    A further test will allow us to find out about its strength and durability.

    LG G5 Software Interface

    Compared to LG G4 launched with Android Lollipop, the LG G5 embeds the latest version of Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow with the overcoat Optimus customization house. The latter aileurs undergone a major overhaul and that's good. Icons are now less cubic and propose a new, more modern design. The colors are less bright and the ergonomics has been reworked. Only negative, the application drawer has disappeared and is thus left with all applications on the home screen. An alternative launcher will, however, address the problem.

    During the short time spent with the G5, the interface did not suffer any delays or lags. Unfortunately, the South Korean brand has not yet decided to say goodbye to the preinstalled applications on the G5. Among the preinstalled applications, in addition Google package, there are many LG services.

    LG G5 Performances

    Under the hood, the LG G5 ships new octa-core Snapdragon processor 820. It is not illogical. Many high-end smartphones will indeed adopt the newest most powerful Qualcomm. Some may say that the LG did not want to adopt the Snapdragon 810 but the situation was different because it was a victim of overheating problems while the 820 has proven itself in several occasions.

    To support its processor, the South Korean brand has 4 GB of RAM (LPDDR4).

    During my grip, the terminal was more than reactive. No delay or lag did not appear. I have also not seen any overheating with the G5 but only a more prolonged use will make its final verdict.

    Only a more thorough test will allow us to elaborate on the overall performance of the phone to compare more easily with its competitors.

    LG G5 Sound quality

    The LG G5 features a speaker on the bottom of the phone, next to the USB Type-C. Again, it is difficult to judge the audio quality of a smartphone when the grip is in a room full of journalists and noise. Our final test will learn more.

    LG G5 Camera

    In 2015, LG had surprised us with the camera G4, and it is therefore logical that the G5 surprise us as much. In front, the G5 has a camera of 8 megapixels. LG course offers different filters to improve its potential. The only function of a camera is primarily to make selfies, and usually we do not need a great device for this. The G5 here fulfills its role perfectly.

    On the back of the camera, the camera has the G5, a double lens: a 78-degree to 16 megapixels and another 135 degrees to 8 megapixels. This is a unique feature on the smartphone market currently. It represents a great potential in terms of taking pictures: focus change after capture, adding effects or deleting items, level differences to use the zoom on one and not the other. During my tests, I can assure you that the G5 achieves focus instantaneously. The camera application is also very pleasant to use. It has not changed almost (typography).

    LG G5 Battery Life

    Let us perhaps what promises to be the big question for the new terminal. The G5 has a removable battery of 2800 mAh. Compared to its predecessor, so the newcomer is a little worse off (LG gave up 200 mAh) but you can count on this Doze Mode natively in Android 6.0 Marshmallow. This feature optimizes the power consumption when the machine is idle. But only a comprehensive test allow us to determine the time of the smartphone. Compared to its predecessor, the G5 offers fast charging which can be especially useful when you need to quickly charge your phone.

    Final verdict

    With G5, LG has taken a significant turn and can watch the competition right in the eye. The G5 is undoubtedly the most successful brand but also the most innovative smartphone. Difficult at first to find fault the phone. We are facing a well assembled smartphone, smart, to which nothing is missing. Technical specifications, on paper, are promising and allow to apply under the best smartphone of 2016, as its picture capabilities and design are successful. The battery typically is the big question mark, especially considering the implementation of the Always On feature. The first impression of the device is positive.

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