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    7 reasons to choose the LG G5 over other 2016 flagship smartphones

    7 reasons to choose the LG G5 over other 2016 flagship smartphones
    7 reasons to choose the LG G5 over other 2016 flagship smartphones

    Do you really need 7 reasons to buy the LG G5? This is the latest flagship smartphone from LG, is not that enough? Well, if ever you needed more arguments, here are 7 reasons to buy the latest smartphone from LG flagship.

    1. A camera of the LG G series

    We know that the camera is the main selling point of the LG G series, which combines the success of its latest models. The LG G4 camera is among the best camera pictures for Android, and that of LG G5 should be even more impressive.

    A target of 16 megapixels, with an aperture value of f / 1.8, a laser autofocus and image stabilizer three axes are the ingredients of the winning recipe from LG. Together, these attributes should ensure bright pictures and very detailed, with excellent results on moving objects (and less blur when you move the smartphone during shooting).

    2. LG G, but premium version

    LG has finally convert to premium. The plastic of previous models has now given way to metal, and LG made a big step forward in design. And ultimately difficult to ask anything at LG G5 when you see that it is already the best mobile brand. You can choose from different colors: silver, gold, pink and titan (dark gray). They are all beautiful!

    3. The removable battery

    The removable battery is certainly not an essential feature for many users. But for others, it is of utmost importance! The ability to exchange its battery against another fully loaded is certainly interesting. If you have never tested, I recommend you try it!

    4. microSD expansion

    Phones can only contain a certain amount of data, and you have to pay full price for a phone with a sufficient internal storage. This is why the possibility of buying a microSD card cheap to install extras files is attractive.

    All Android devices are not equipped with a microSD expansion, but the G5 LG is one. The mobile does not support the Storage Adoptable option introduced with Android 6.0 Marshmallow, but it's not really a problem. Moreover, Adoptable Storage formats your SD card and makes them unusable on other devices.

    5. It is not too big

    The LG screen measuring 5.3 inches with a screen ratio of 70%. Rather, it is a good balance between screen size and portability.

    Although previously considered mobile 5.5 inches as PHABLET, it is now possible to find some that are sufficiently well designed to be used with ease. LG offers us a mobile quality with the LG G5, with a qHD screen while taking in the hands and pockets. Well done LG!

    6. The future is bright

    LG's future is brighter than the majority of smartphones, thanks to the potential provided by its expansion slot. LG has not announced any major accessories for the latter, but the possibilities are numerous.

    Few other phones have the potential offered by the LG G5. The Korean manufacturer could offer unique pieces providing features that will make the difference for Android smartphones face of competition.

    7. It is made by LG

    LG clearly demonstrated in the past that innovation and usefulness were major concerns for the company. The LG V10 is a phone that does everything. The LG G4 was equally excellent. Is the LG G5 new phone that does everything? I think so. Are you convinced to invest in a G5 LG? Feel free to share your opinion in the comments.

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