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    Samsung Galaxy S7 edge Review a great phone design with unmatched power

    On the occasion of its Unpacked event by opening the MWC, and in conjunction with the presentation of its new Galaxy S7, Samsung unveiled its new Galaxy S7 edge at Barcelona. The 2016 version of the most famous curved device has the difficult task of succeeding the S6 edge, one of the favorite devices of Android users in 2015. This year, the South Korean firm wanted to really give more value to its nice design but also respond to user reviews on the defects of the previous model (SD card, battery, waterproof ...). Samsung has succeeded? This is what I want you to discover in our review of the Galaxy S7.

    Samsung Galaxy S7 edge Review a great phone design with unmatched power
    Samsung Galaxy S7 edge Review a great phone design with unmatched power

    Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge - Release date and price

    The Galaxy S7 edge is the new version of the most famous phone in design at Samsung. After great success in 2015 (Samsung had also met for a long time stock problems), the Korean company has promised this time to be ready to meet the global demand for phone.

    The edge S7 will be available in gold, silver, and black and white, although some colors may vary by country. Two versions will be S7 edge of sale: 32 GB and 64 GB Both models offer an extension for microSD cards. The smartphone is available for pre-order on Samsung's website for a price of 799 euros. For those who pre-order the device a free Gear VR headset is offered.

    Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge - Design and finishing

    The greatest innovation of this Galaxy S7 Edge regards its size, which goes into effect from 5.1 to 5.5 inches. Despite this expansion of 0.4 inches, the device remains surprisingly compact. The beauty of the device is also always waiting for you, and even enhanced by gloss effect finishes that enhance the quality of the metal.

    The Galaxy S7 edge is made of aluminum at the edges and is covered with Gorilla Glass 4 front and rear for better protection from scratches and other hazards of everyday life. Aesthetically, three developments should be noted: its larger size (relative to S6 edge), no (or almost) projection of the objective of the camera (0.46 mm) and curved edges inwardly to the rear, which helps adhesion.

    Overall, Samsung now assures us that it is a device that best uses its curved edges to improve its grip. And we must admit that the S7 edge is very comfortable to hold in hand, far more than the + S6 edge. As the edges of the device, we face the same design as in previous devices. The volume buttons were left on the left while the start button is always on the right. No other button is now giving way to the curved display.

    At the top we find the slot for the nano-sim and microSD card. Opening it, you reach a plateau where you can put both cards. The device memory is expandable up to 200 GB via microSD. At the top, we find the speaker, the microUSB port and the mini jack. In addition, the distance between the edge and the mini jack fell, the latter is no longer the center. This also applies to the Galaxy S7.

    The front of the S7 is dominated by the 5.5 inch Super AMOLED screen, speakerphone for calls, the front camera and light sensor and movement. Downstairs, the home button, hover buttons Samsung and microphone for noise cancellation are present.

    At the rear, there is the objective of the camera and its slight protuberance that is that time of 0.46 mm, ie almost nothing. The Samsung logo is also present but sometimes it is impossible to see in terms of light reflections. We also find the LED flash and the heart rate sensor. In addition, we see how the side edges are turned inward, which significantly improves the grip and prevents the excessive glare.

    The S7 edge has not gone too far in its growth with 5.5 inches. The S6 edge remained small in the hand and the screen was a little "eaten" by its curved edges. The S7 edge perfectly solves this problem and does not exceed the size of the PHABLET + S6 edge. It is a compact device. To give you an idea, the picture below shows the S7 edge of the overlay on the S7 (5.1 inches). The least that can be said is that the difference is minimal.

    To summarize, the S7 edge remains one of the best smartphones we've seen until now, perhaps similar to the Sony Xperia Z5 premium. Samsung has managed to develop its device smoothly while adding new features that I detail below.

    Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge - Screen

    The S7 edge inherited the definition his brothers and did not make the jump to 4K. He did not need either. The S7 edge disposed a Super AMOLED screen of 5.5 inches with curved edges. The definition is QHD (2560 x 1440 pixels) and remains at a density of 510 pixels per inch.

    During my long grip, and comparing it to Note 5, I could see that we were always right to always bright screen and where it is impossible to enjoy a pixel to the naked eye. The colors are bright (thank you to the new Super AMOLED) and tactile response is perfect. Viewing angles are very good but if we place the very laterally phone, its AMOLED screen gives poorer results than an LCD.

    Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge - Other Features Always On

    As you see in the picture above, the S7 and S7 edge offer the feature Always On. This is a display mode where we can still have access to the time, calendar and notifications without waking the screen. Remember also that with AMOLED displays independently pixels illuminate each other, allowing the black pixels to be extinguished altogether. This mode should therefore not affect the Battery of the smartphone.

    Resistance to water

    The Galaxy S7 edge is water resistant and dust with its IP68 certification. The phone can then be immersed for 30 minutes to 1 meter deep. Unfortunately, we could not test this feature. This is one of the features that were missing from the S6 users. Samsung has listened.

    Fingerprint Reader

    The fingerprint reader S7 edge is similar to previous models. This one is always hidden in the home button. Options have been added to pay more safely on Samsung Pay.

    Game Launcher

    The Samsung Galaxy edge S7 also includes, like the Galaxy S7, the Game Launcher. This section is obviously dedicated to games. Here you can save all your games, pause the device for all resources and S7 edge power are on the graphics, activate a fashion "do not disturb" during the game. Every time you play the game, a menu appears on the side to allow you to record, make a screenshot of the screen or share on social networks. The Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are also the first smartphones compatible with Vulkan.

    The Edge menu on both sides

    With the S6 edge, we complained that the side menu present on the curved edges did not bring much. Samsung has repaired the thing. It is now possible to have two columns on the 5.5 inches of the device. Furthermore, simply drag the icons to appear in the list.

    The features we already knew, such as People Edge which provides direct access to your contacts or shortcuts to your favorite applications, they added the ability to view content in this column. In addition, the Korean company has released the API to allow other developers to offer their applications and content on the Edge menu. The possibilities, if the community responds, are very promising.

    With the S7 edge, it also has practical and useful tools like a compass, a ruler, or even a flashlight (adjustable in intensity in the menu itself).

    Typical extras Samsung

    Heart Rate, NFC, S-Health ... are some of the qualities that appear in the S7 edge as was the case with previous generations. During the presentation, it was also confirmed that Samsung Pay will be launched in the coming days in Spain and the UK, the only European countries elected by Samsung.

    Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge - Software Interface

    The Galaxy S7 edge embarks Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow with TouchWiz overlay customization present in the house edge S6 + and Note 5. The interface is very slight, even if its design is always a matter of taste. The changes are limited to include Marshmallow updates in the interface. In my mind, Samsung has achieved perfection in the setup menus and the quick adjustments, but the brand should consider changing the icons that are a little childish. A theme will happily change that.

    The device includes about 7 Samsung applications, 5 of Microsoft, Google Apps, Facebook and Whatsapp (Samsung and Zuckerberg would they do business together?). Ultimately, there are about 25 applications preinstalled.

    Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge - Performances

    The Galaxy S7 edge does not provide, at least in the European version of the Snapdragon processor 820. It is the house of Samsung processor, the Exynos 8890, which was chosen for Europe (and therefore France). The 8890 has 8 cores (4 to 2.3 GHz and 4 other 1.6 GHz). According to Samsung, the CPU and GPU are respectively 30% and 64% more powerful than the S6. This gives an idea of ​​the power that can reach the device in demanding tasks.

    Alas, we have not been able to thoroughly test the S7 edge, or even make him an AnTuTu benchmark in this first analysis, but as soon as we get to the office, we will do all the necessary tests to assess its performance. But it is clear that the new Galaxy S7 does not risk running out of power.
    Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge - Sound quality

    The speaker edge S7 is identical to that of S7 and its cousins ​​Note 5 and Galaxy S6 edge +. This is an enhanced version relative to S6. During my grip, I was not able to properly test the audio capabilities of the device. A further test will tell us more.

    Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge - Camera

    The camera part may result in a separate analysis. Nacho Nieto, director of technology for Samsung Spain, told me how to work the new sensor. This is a sensor with a ouvertu f / 1.7 12 MP (below S6), but with the dual-pixel technology. Both S7 are the first smartphones to include this technology, typical of SLR cameras.

    Dual pixel means that for each pixel we have two photodiodes sensitive to light and working for the development. This translates to 24 million photodiodes that work for the development. The speed of development is thus 4 times faster in low-light conditions and twice as fast under normal conditions with the S6.

    Samsung says the S7 edge takes photos 95% brighter. As I said in my handling of the S7, when presenting a demonstration between S6 and S7 made to us on the speed of autofocus. While it took a few microseconds at S6, S7 was able to focus instantly. Finally, the front camera does not evolve, it is still a 5 megapixel camera with an f / 1.7.

    Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge - Battery

    Samsung has heard his fans and users. The manufacturer has included a battery of 3600 mAh in a more compact format than the S6 + edge of only 3000 mAh. Compared with 2016, there is an increase of more than 1000 mAh. How have they succeeded? Nacho Nieto explained that Samsung uses a new technology of malleable battery, and can take advantage of these spaces within the device. Hence the inability of Samsung to offer a removable battery.

    In this innovation, Android Marshmallow helped optimize the use of the battery in the new device. We cannot give a definitive opinion on the subject as we have not tested the device for several days. But if one thing is clear is that Samsung has listened to its users.

    Good news to finish the S7 edge is still compatible with fast charging. It is possible to fully charge the mobile in 100 minutes. With a wireless charger, it takes 150 minutes.

    Final verdict

    The S7 edge seemed surprisingly compact. Alongside his brother S7, the size difference is minute. While one has curved edges, the S7 has a classic edge screen. Its design, its camera and its performance is spectacular, all with a larger battery of 1000 mAh, a microSD slot, a water resistance and useful features in 2016. Samsung has fulfilled its mission to combine utililté and solidity in a design that until now was not exploited enough. As I said with the S7, S7 edge is a device with a soul that will easily attract users both its possibilities and its beauty.

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