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    Top 10 tips and tricks for Huawei Honor 5X Customize it according to your needs

    Top 10 tips and tricks for Huawei Honor 5X Customize it according to your needs
    Top 10 tips and tricks for Huawei Honor 5X Customize it according to your needs

    If you just bought a Huawei Honor 5X or planning to buy one soon, Then you might be interested in these few tips and tricks that will not only improve your daily usage experience of the device, plus you will be able to get a smooth and personalize experience out of the handset. In the desire to establish a first list, we went in the search of some nice secret tricks for the Huawei Honor 5X and to highlight the "10 Best tips for Huawei Honor 5X"check the full article below and share it if you like it. What are the best tips and tricks of Honor 5X?

    Manage access to Internet applications

    Please note that the Honor 5X really helps you to have full control over the level of customization. From there, then it is possible to easily manage access to internet applications by opening or closing the door to wireless WiFi network and / or mobile data networks individually! By clicking on the tab 'System Applications', you can even manage Internet access system processes.

    Exploiting the full potential of fingerprint reader

    If you have chosen to enable your fingerprint reader, it then helps you to unlock your screen Honor 5X at all times, but it is other options that go further than that. By briefly touching the sensor and performing a long press on it, you can take photos with it in the Camera application, but also return to the home screen at any time, take calls and / or cancel an alarm. Simply by touching an option to go back even present, in addition to other opportunities which enhance kiss; access to the latest applications, notifications center display, etc.

    Force shutdown applications in standby situation (Doze?)

    Although Marshmallow (Android 6.0) is not yet available for Honor 5X, there is a way to take advantage of the features in this release. Dubbed protected Applications', this sub-heading of the 'Privacy & Security' to force stop apps when Honor 5X is in standby status. Clearly, this feature is inspired by Doze level governance applications on standby, but it does not offer the dormant feature that allows the mobile to briefly check for notifications are available at certain times. If this option is configured, you will have realized that your battery does look better.

    Change the layout of the navigation bar

    Like other brands, Honor also paves the way for the modification of the navigation bar. You know, that place that allows you to easily navigate through the system by the Back key, Home and Multitasking. Sitting in the system's general settings, the 5X Honor proposes four measures, the last two of which introduce an additional function can unfold the tray notifications anytime. Rather practice.

    Show battery percentage in the status bar

    Also like other brands, an optional interface to enable or disable at will display the remaining battery percentage in the status bar. After it is enabled, the remaining percentage of the battery then comes to take his seat next to the battery icon, but it is nevertheless not possible to disable the icon.

    Customize where notifications appear

    Did you think we had finished? Think again, there are still a few things to discover, including the ability to configure the display of alerts in different parts of the system: in the status bar or above it in the form of banner, but also on the lock screen. Short. It's your choice.

    Check out the interface and keyboard with one hand

    Rather useful for people who do not have a very large build, the modified Honor 5X the interface can be reduced by a quarter to be more conducive to use with one hand, the fact that the smartphone is also big enough. So it is two practical options to reduce the size of the interface, but also the keyboard.

    Change the color temperature of the screen

    Your eyes bleed every time you turn on the screen of your Honor 5X? Remember that it is also possible to optimize the color calibration of the display. Taking the name of 'color temperature', the default setting provides a balance where the unchecking the help guide the screen to warm or cool colors.

    Shake to rearrange the icons on the Home screen

    Rather gadget, this feature allows you to shake your Honor 5X to restore order on the home screen. To do this, stand on the smartphone's office and shake, finally after activating the dedicated option.

    As a bonus, the Honor 5X also has the ability to ...

    install two SIM cards (Micro-SIM / Nano-SIM)
    expand the memory via microSD (up to 128 GB more)
    enable glove mode when it's cold, findable
    in the 'Intelligent Assistance' and 'Plus'.

    So much for this first list of tips and tricks for Honor 5X. However, know that it is full of other options, then feel free to take a few minutes to explore and discover the intricacies of Honor 5X.

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