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    The Best New Android Apps not to be missed in 2016

    The Best New Android Apps not to be missed in 2016
    The Best New Android Apps not to be missed in 2016

    Every day, hundreds of Android apps and games are made available on the Play Store. In this article you will discover new applications and those that we find the best each month. Without further ado, discover "new Android applications do not miss the March 2016". Why wait, discover them now!

    MSQRD (Masquerade)

    Warning, this is not just an application but a trend. MSQRD (pronounced Masquerade) is an application to change the face and the faces of people. If this is not the first application to change his face in live, it stands out for the quality of the proposed filters.

    Operation is a breeze. Just use the front or back camera of your smartphone. The different filters (13 in total) are visible at the bottom and it is even possible to merge several. Finally, in addition to photos, you can also make videos.

    Finally, once the image is captured, it is possible to share it on social networks (Facebook, Instagram ...). You can also save the photos on your phone and share them on other social networks that are not included in the default options of MSQRD.


    After several months in beta, Hound is finally available on Android in the final version. For those unaware, Hound is the voice personal assistant SoundHound, Shazam app Similar specialized in recognition of music titles.

    Specifically, it is a voice assistant supposed to compete with Apple's Siri or Google Now. Hound obeys perfectly to your requests. You can send messages, check the weather, the results of your favorite football team ... especially Hound is very quick to respond. Although the app is available for now only in English. Well worth the time!

    VHS Camcorder

    You are nostalgic of the 90s? Forget the movies in full-HD and find good VHS quality of yesteryear! Certainly, the quality is not the same but VHS Camcorder lets you add a touch of nostalgia to your videos. The application creates a visual effect that is well known to those who remember the good VHS tapes of the 80s and 90s.

    Aperture (BETA)

    Discovered by an acquaintance on Twitter, Aperture is surely the application of the more lenient photo gallery I could rub shoulders since I started with Android, in addition to being open source. Open Source? Yes, this means that the application is copyright-free and you can even take the source code to develop your own alternative. Huge, right? We need more applications of this caliber. To talk features, it is very easy to handle at first with a home page that displays the albums to complete with a side drawer which shows the sections and allows you to add more. Top right, you can even filter, change the view and the order in which are presented the galleries, but also transform the interface into a sort of file browser (like Astro) to conclude by the application settings that want access to the very customization. There is even a crude black mode for AMOLED displays for mobile who have.


    Do you ARTE and are you fond of VR (virtual reality) in your spare time? So I advise you to install the new application ARTE360 without delay that will make you discover exclusive broadcasts filmed 360. To cite some examples, programs that are being proposed will bring you to the gates of space or you will climb Mount Blanc. Interesting to see the world around us for an application that wants to totally free, in addition to being compatible with Google Cardboard.


    Did you know that there was an open source version of Google mobile web browser? Named Chromium, it is a kind of sandbox where everyone can bring his ideas. Yes yes, you and I! Then Google makes sorting and chooses what functionality adapting to these Canary versions (dev) and Alpha (before the beta).

    Considering this version as unstable, do not expect to find in Chromium direct download on the Google Play Android, but most free distribution on its dedicated website. If you are developing knowledge, you will have understood that it is possible to compile its version of Chromium yourself from source. In parallel, Chromium is also a good way to discover features that will never be built into the stable version of Google Chrome. For Android, Chromium comes in 'Nightly build', which means you can enjoy a new version every night. As for the interface, it is identical to Chrome.

    Go DuckDuck

    Looking for an alternative to Google Now, it may well be that the application knows satisfy you. Called DuckDuckGo, this solution is not new, but I wanted you still make it known. Clearly, the argument of this alternative search engine - turned into Android application - is to not track users. Thus, the application, and finally the DuckDuckGo search engine does not save or share any of your personal information. On Android, the application of DuckDuckGo is relatively pleasant to use with a home page rather cute and completely redone interface Material Design. It is fluid, but lacks a deeper integration to make it truly indispensable in everyday life.

    To describe some functions, the application of DuckDuckGo also equips the smart search. It allows to enjoy responses from over hundreds of sources instantly, and an automatic suggestions database with the command "! "To better target its research. From the Home screen, you can have direct access to the news flow that is customizable at will, in addition to favorites, recent news, and application settings. Speaking of these, you will find plenty of options such as choose the desired type of home screen and the kind of sources that appear in the news feed, plus full compatibility with the network secure Tor has already had to seduce more than one.


    Do you use often Google Chrome? If this is the case, you should really consider trying Chromer. Approached end in December 2015 on the blog, I myself was doing you a Chromer experience feedback that I found really effective to force open external links to third party applications and this in order to take advantage of the functions Chrome anytime. A sort of Chrome Lite which merges perfectly with any version of Chrome. Whether alpha, beta or stable mobile web browser from Google.

    Folio for Facebook

    Appeared in late December 2015 on Google Play, this new alternative to Facebook argument is to consume much less battery than the original, in addition to being more fluid. Leveraging the SDK to Facebook, this app uses the mobile web version of the social network he carries in a complete application.

    In addition to the basic options of the social network, Folio for Facebook will continue to send you your notifications without any problems. Still not convinced? The other advantage of Folio, unlike other alternatives, is its catalog of more than 40 themes and a black dedicated to technology AMOLED screens. Also, keep in mind that this Android app does not use data in the background while your phone is idle and that the notifications synchronization interval is set to 5 minutes or 6 hours.


    Quoty is a utility that helps you in your everyday consumer. Besides the classic functions for the development of shopping lists, Quoty also helps you find stores near you (practice on holiday or on business) and access to their catalogs.

    Funny videos

    As the name suggests, this app lets you explore various funny videos hosted on Youtube. Video of Animals in baby video through the many mocking jokes ... There's something for everyone. Small disadvantage, the few texts that exist in the application are in English but it is not necessary to understand for fun, laughter knows no borders.

    Signal (TextSecure)

    If you were looking for an alternative "safer" from the application Android Messages, it is not impossible that signal, also called TextSecure France, pat yourself on the eye. First, it is important to note that Signal is a project and an application "open source" whose sources are available at this address.

    Besides this, the application is very easy to use and meets the Android 5+ design policy, sauce Material Design. There are a few variations, but this is limited to the icons and some minor interface elements. As for safety, Signal operates a free encryption protocol and open source which is able to filter all messages hosted in the application, including what you send and take delivery. Really secure? Well ... Edward Snowden, the most wanted man in the world, was to declare to be a daily user.

    LastPass Password

    36 passwords for 36 different sites? Do you worry more, LastPass could relieve you! Briefly, LastPass Password is a safe able to store and keep logins and passwords from any PC and compatible mobile device since the two platforms can effectively converge together. That's not all, the app can also remember the pre-filled forms.

    Rbrowser (or RSBrowser)

    Your smartphone features a Snapdragon processor? Here Rbrowser, a browser that is precisely specifically optimized for Qualcomm products. According to the developer "samfisher83" the browser that is developed by 5 to 40% faster than the Chrome browser Google Android. Even better, Rbrowser can block ads (whenever possible) and is compatible with the navigation swipant sides.

    If you want more options and that your mobile has enough power, you can also try RSBrowser. In itself, this is virtually the same, except it is a little more advanced in terms of stability and opportunity. Among them is Google account synchronization, pub blocker, as well as the option of listening to YouTube music when the screen is off. Try it:

    Custom Quick Settings

    Primarily intended for aspiring hackers (who Marshmallow), Custom Quick Settings application extends the possibilities of the bar dedicated to 'Quick settings' of Android. You know, these are small icons that allow you to enable / disable access to WiFi, mobile networks, flashlight, among other things. With this application, you will thus be able to add additional quick actions in the status bar and, either an application, the URL of a website or a function (depending on options). If your Android device is installed under Marshmallow, you can rush headlong into this excellent application Mighty Quinn.

    Lock Plug

    Are you scared about losing your Android mobile and all data contained within? Available from the end of September 2015, Plug Lock application allows you just to raise the security and confidentiality of your mobile or Android tablet in automatically triggering the locking of all or a predefined selection of your password applications. Effective against the snatching.

    Snowball Notifications

    Are you tired of unnecessary alerts (such as "10 applications have been updated," etc.), you should maybe think better manage! Good news, the Snowball Notifications application is there to make your life easier. The latter allows you to have control over all notifications and, classifying them by a significant order. Thank you to the algorithm that learns our habits to better understand our use. If you frequently use Facebook, WhatApp or SMS, know that it is possible to respond to alerts without opening the app.

    Light Manager

    More "very young" Light Manager is an application that can handle the color of your notifications. For what purposes? Better distinguish the type of notifications you receive and, by configuring the color. Here, the root is not necessary. For cons, the use of the application requires the activation of an authorization system settings. From here you will be able to distinguish your notifications in various colors (10 and over).

    Line Here

    Line, a competing messaging application WhatsApp and Viber, has launched a new application to share its location with friends. Called Line Here, therefore the app allows you to perform a "check-in" to the image of Foursquare but also share your location with your friends without having to send a message or make a call.

    Stagefright detector

    Stagefright the flaw has been much talk of it during the summer. This is a vulnerability discovery on Android devices allowing hackers to send malicious programs through a MMS message. If you are worried about the security of your Android phone, this app that tells you if your machine is vulnerable to the bug.

    Yahoo LiveText

    Yahoo LiveText is a new application of video chat without sound. However, it is possible to send text messages and emoji. Whether you are in a classroom, a library, or a meeting, you will be able to have live video conversations with just text and without sound.

    Microsoft Translator

    Microsoft Translator, as the name suggests, of course, a translation application. The app does pretty much everything you would expect from a translator. You can choose to translate text or voice in over 50 different languages, including French. The application is compatible with Android Wear, so there is no need to worry about taking your smartphone all the time with you when you travel.

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