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    Why I Love Xiaomi Mi 5 the cheapest flagship of 2016

    Why I Love Xiaomi Mi 5 the cheapest flagship of 2016
    Why I Love Xiaomi Mi 5 the cheapest flagship of 2016

    The Xiaomi Mi 5 is my new obsession. The new mobile flagship Chinese company which was started up in Barcelona at the Mobile World Congress. "A premium phone for 350 €? No chance! "Said all unbelievers. Yet the Mi 5 is THE mobile to take right now. Here are the reasons why he obsesses me.

    Absolutely everything

    The Xiaomi Mi 5 does everything you would expect of a flagship mobile. It features a Snapdragon 820, the latest processor from Qualcomm and probably the best in the market. This powerhouse is accompanied by 3GB of RAM (4 for Pro version). It has a very decent battery of 3000mAh (the same capacity as that of the Galaxy S7). The rear camera 16 megapixels device, manufactured by Sony, is of excellent quality and suitable for all uses.

    The Xiaomi Mi 5 offers lots. It has the characteristics of a high-end mobile and mobile mid-range price. How Xiaomi has he been able to achieve this feat? It's a bit the mystery surrounding this phone, and makes us wonder how another manufacturer might actually reach the same level. Mi 5 offers a similar material to that of the latest smartphones from Samsung, LG and Apple, for less than half the price.

    Great Looking Phone Design

    Mi 5 looks like a fine piece of engineering, such as those on board the space equipment. Its edges finely wrought gives it a rounded appearance the most beautiful effect. Xiaomi was more than once nicknamed the "Chinese Apple", but the Chinese company has now clearly demonstrated its ability to go its own way.

    There are some similarities between the Mi 5 is phones like the Galaxy S7. Particularly because of the rounded edges and glossy finish. But such similarities is commonplace in the industry (just compare the HTC One A9 and the iPhone 6) and should therefore be put into perspective the similarities. Mi 5 simply look like a high-end mobile.

    Its price is amazing

    The price of Mi 5 is simply insane. You can purchase a premium quality phone for 350 euros. It was impossible to imagine a few years ago. But competition has intensified over the smartphone market, and manufacturers like Xiaomi are constantly improving to offer increasingly affordable.

    I am sure that the Xiaomi Mi 5 will be a great commercial success, able to compete with iPhone sales. In the same way that the Apple brand has created a veritable cult around the image of its products, Xiaomi is now ensure a unique brand image. And to export from China to Western markets.

    It was presented by Hugo Barra

    I was present at the launch of Mi 5 at MWC in Barcelona. Xiaomi had kept secret on this launch, sending invitations without place of appointment. The place was unveiled at the last second, and we discovered on arrival charismatic Hugo Barra (international vice president of Xiaomi) on the stage.

    The presentation was excellent. Hugo Barra has been a showman exception and has created a buzz around the Chinese firm and its mobile last. And he pushed the deputy to leave the scene in Ninebot Mini after the presentation. Are you as obsessed with the Xiaomi Mi 5? Feel free to give us feedback on the mobile in the comments.

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