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    Why I am considering buying the LG G5 right away

    Why I am considering buying the LG G5 right away
    Why I am considering buying the LG G5 right away

    What factors can make me fall for buying a LG G5?

    At the last Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ​​held last February, no denying that I literally fell in love with the latest high-end smartphone from LG. In my vision, I clearly felt like to be an unusual product that we do not cross at all street corners. A bit like a pretty woman who caught the eye, you see what I mean? Dubbed LG G5, the new Android smartphone brings real gains in difference to all other smartphones on the market. In 2016, I also felt that LG had listened critical testers and users in fashioning its LG G5. Now I intend to explain "why I am considering buying the LG G5 right out."

    The ingenious mechanism sliding removable battery

    For those unaware, the LG G5 is the first metal smartphone in the world to be marketed with an ingenious mechanism sliding removable battery. Clearly, simply press a small safety button which separates the two parts moving in to access the battery, but also to replace the bottom of the mobile by another who has other virtues. Short. Based on the fact that I intend to keep the LG G5 over a year, then I think owning a removable battery is indispensable. Why? A battery is not eternal. It has several cycles and once they are passed, it weakens and produces a range of less conclusive. With the ability to access the battery, I could then replace it with another at will.

    The modules and LG of opening the community to create others

    In the background, I also found ingenious idea to have created modules that can replace the lower part of the device. Thus, it is already possible to opt for two Korean manufacturer of modules that are dedicated to improving the multimedia user experience. Currently, they have two modules: one is dedicated to improving the experience when taking photo or video, where the second improves the sound quality produced by the bass and headphones with a quality called "DAC "and this, thanks to a digital-analog converter.

    Announced by LG itself, you may be surprised to learn that one of my dreams / assumptions will also be true! Indeed, South Korea's rising star has announced plans to allow the community (Trade Marks hackers and others) to make turn modules (LG source). Here, LG arises launcher idea to leave room for the imagination of the world; people from all walks of life. Following this, it is difficult to imagine what will be created, but it is likely that we see modules flourish in every corner.

    For its premium finish littered with metal and therefore sustainable?

    If you still ask yourself the question, I can confirm that the LG G5 is wearing a metal shell. Who were very resistant to scratches, only the long-term will bear witness to the truth about it. At the grip, metal gives a certain coldness in hand, in addition to leaving some feeling of robustness. Apart from this, it also leaves a nice feeling comfortable with its curved edges. In addition to that, I'd be curious if a silicone shell would be able to improve the water resistance of the G5. Why not see.

    For its top-flight performance; thanks to the Snapdragon 820

    In 2016, it was also the year which establishes the arrival of a new processor from Qualcomm. Usually, manufacturers who do not have their own solutions - like Huawei, Samsung, Apple and others - will be used elsewhere, but not for anyone as it not go foster a competitor. Among the libertines, the most famous founders are Qualcomm, MediaTek and Intel, but LG has chosen to extend its partnership with Qualcomm. Thus, the international version of LG G5 has a Snapdragon 820. A processor that returns to the roots by reinstating a basic four hearts split into two processors, one dedicated to producing high performance, while the other dedicated to managing lighter tasks / consuming resources.

    At first glance, this new System-on-Chip upscale developed by Qualcomm does not appear of particular concern, although it remains to be seen. With this, it is particularly 4GB of RAM LPPDR4 to 1866 MHz, followed (probably) the best graphics solution available at present. Dubbed Adreno 530 graphics chip that is capable of producing up to 500 gigaflops. To give you an idea, it is more than 2 times more powerful than an Xbox 360. Clearly, the LG G5 would be capable of running a game like Battlefield 3/4, but with graphics in low / medium. On top of that, the OS has no slowdown at first sight. We can say thank you to the RAM that offers speed of execution and management of very quick tasks.

    In the presence of the USB-C will soon become the norm

    Whether we like it or not, changing technologies and standards as well. Introduced for the first time on the range of Google Nexus end of 2015, the USB-C or USB Type-C is a new technology / standard that truly revolutionizes the connection. With the USB-C, the need to verify the connection of sense is no longer necessary since it is reversible. In addition, this technology should slowly replace the current standard that is USB 2.0, has other virtues to improve the speed of charging and data transfer; considerably to the second point. The last big advantage of USB Type-C is its ability to charge or be recharged by other devices that have the same port. When the other device hosts a port USB-C, there is no limitation, almost. There are many limitations, but they are mainly limited to poorly designed accessories. To check this, simply read user reviews before buying. To return to the modules, would you like to see a particular module manufactured by LG or others?

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