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    Why i Love Android Launchers and the 10 Best Android Launchers of 2016

    Why i Love Android Launchers and the 10 Best Android Launchers of 2016
    Why i Love Android Launchers and the 10 Best Android Launchers of 2016

    Android launchers are fascinating. They appeal to that part of me that wants more than anything to be original and creative, and make my phone a unique artifact in the world. I would so love them, but I just can what. That's why.

    Bloatware and advertising

    Often when I download what looks like a great new launcher and I apply a new theme, I find myself downloading a large package of extra content that sounds like what I expected. It's like buying a box of LEGO Millennium Falcon, only to find that half of the rooms are not provided.

    What is even worse is that the launchers that highlight applications rarely make it wisely. Not that applications are necessarily bad: Pocket, for example, is an excellent app. But it is absolutely not necessary to run the launcher. This type of hidden advertising is too common among launchers, and I would prefer to pay directly for an application.

    Missing pieces

    Imagine you sit down with a puzzle of a Monet painting. The colors are dancing before your eyes, a real ballet of emotions inside. Yet some of these parts do not come from a Monet painting but a Picasso. So why are these rooms they were in the box?

    This brings us to another problem of launchers, specifically issues related to additional icon packs. These icons packs are often very well designed, and make small subtle touches to pre existing design.

    But it still lacks icons Pack. It will be this application a little less common, ignored by the creator of the pack. And anyone who has experienced this knows how one missing piece is enough to ruin the picture.

    Performance and battery life problems

    I may be paranoid, but I always fear that a launcher (an app that fundamentally changes the look and interface of your mobile) has serious impacts on the performance of my device.

    Some say the launchers can speed up your interface, and I confess that this is something that I myself observed. But I still think that the battery life can only suffer.

    • Nova Launcher (Free)

    • Apex Launcher

    • Action Launcher 3 (Free)

    • Arrow Launcher

    • Lightning Launcher ($4.99)

    • EverythingMe Beta (Free)

    • Yahoo Aviate Launcher (Free)

    • APUS Launcher (Free)

    • Smart Launcher 3 (Free)

    • Buzz Launcher (Free)

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