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    7 reasons to buy the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

    7 reasons to buy the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge
    7 reasons to buy the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

    1. The micro SD expansion is back!

    For those who like to take full-resolution photos, shoot videos 4K and install a myriad of applications, there is never enough storage space. That's why Samsung's decision to remove the microSD ports on the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge was a shock. But with the Galaxy S7, the microSD expansion is back! To our delight, with up to 200 GB of additional storage space.

    2. The camera is splendid

    The S7 edge is the perfect example of the adage "the amount of megapixels is not the camera." Even if the camera of the mobile offers only 12 megapixels, it takes better pictures than many other models with more megapixels. All thanks to its excellent aperture value of f / 1.7 and its dual pixel technology, which uses two photodiodes for each pixel. This makes a huge difference in terms of image quality, while the fastest autofocus should help make clearer photos. The front camera is also very good bill, with the same openness index to 5 megapixels.

    3. The battery is huge

    The battery is not only much greater than the S6 (with 3600 mAh), but it also supports fast charging. This means that just 100 minutes to fully charge, while the wireless charging is also supported for 150 minutes charging time. The larger battery is accompanied by many optimizations offered by Android Marshmallow (since the S7 edge embarks Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow). The result is a life of the outstanding battery than previous models and competition. The Galaxy S7 / edge are compatible with Vulkan: What is it?

    4. It's really beautiful

    Despite its better camera and larger battery, the Galaxy S7 is even slimmer than before. Perhaps in part due to the fact that Samsung is now producing its own batteries, getting more control over its dimensions. The polished metal combination and Gorilla Glass 4 makes the S7 edge exceptionally beautiful, and comes in 4 different colors.

    5. Its size is perfect

    When we talk about smartphone screens, size is important. If it is too small, you will be frustrated by the size of the display and accuracy problems. If it is too large, you will constantly contorting your fingers to reach the screen, not to mention the problems to do keep in your pocket. The size of the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge seemed perfect. It is large enough to be more useful than the S7 and S6 edge, but not excessive.

    6. It is still on

    Like the Galaxy S7, S7 edge has the Always On Display function. The latter takes advantage of the ability of the AMOLED display to illuminate specific pixels to display key information (time, date, notifications) without having to activate the surface. This is a detail that makes a huge difference because it clearly reduces the number of times you wake really just the screen to check the time. With the anticipated impact in terms of battery life.

    7. It is stronger than the S6

    Like the microSD support, water resistance and dust was sorely lacking in the Galaxy S6. And just like the microSD support, water resistance and dust were handed up to date by Samsung for the S7 and S7 edge. The latter has an IP68 standard for resistance, which means it can survive 30 minutes underwater to a depth of 1.5 meters. Is my smartphone waterproof? A point on the IP 67 and 68 certifications.

    Overall, we think the Galaxy S7 edge is a fantastic mobile. It is slightly larger than the S7, but its curves make it seem smaller. And if we mention the excellent material, its fantastic camera and microSD expansion ... We are facing a mobile winner.

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