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    Why your Android Device battery drains so quickly and how to fix it

    Why your Android Device battery drains so quickly and how to fix it
    Why your Android Device battery drains so quickly and how to fix it

    Easily analyze the problem

    It exists on all Android smartphones a tab detailing all the features that use battery, sorted by size. This means that, at a glance you can identify the source of your problem. Just go to Settings> Battery to get there, and this on all versions.

    If this tab does not appear you enough, all is not lost: You can install a third party application that will give you even more information. There are several in this genre, I use GSAM Battery Monitor, who did a great job. Install the application, and leave it a few days to gather the statistics it needs.

    Your screen is too greedy

    Often, it's the screen that gets all the power of your battery. Normally, it should not go beyond the 15% usage of your independence. The case is becoming more worrying as and as the screen increases definitions: hard to keep a good battery life with a too greedy screen.

    The solution

    Simply turn down the brightness of your screen. Some manufacturers also offer an automatic mode, allowing the screen to adjust to the light that surrounds you. The result is more or less optimal depending on your smartphone, but already saves a few minutes or overtime.

    Your battery no longer holds up

    Sometimes the problem is not necessarily due to the system: it may be that your battery runs out of steam altogether. If your smartphone a few years, then it is pretty standard. Indeed, a battery is designed for a number of charging cycles. Once exceeded this quota, your battery will gradually falter.

    The solution

    If your battery is removable, so order a new one to replace it. Otherwise, call a specialist or service if it is still possible to request a replacement battery. But that's not all ! Think although it is useless to expect to reach 0% to recharge your smartphone: it is even harmful for the life of your battery.

    Your charger is defective

    If your battery seems to not load, it is possible that it comes not from your smartphone rather than your charger. Sounds silly, but it happens more often than you think! It is also possible that your USB port is faulty: in this case, do not worry, no need to change everything!

    The solution

    Test the load with another charger (a friend, colleague ...). Check if only the cable needs to be changed, or if there is a problem with the charger itself. You'll save time and money with these simple tests. If this is the USB port, follow our tutorial to repair it yourself here: Your phone will not load? Here are the solutions.

    An application behaves oddly

    Sometimes, following an update often have an application loses his head: she began suddenly to pump all the energy of your smartphone for no apparent reason. Going, as advised earlier this article), the battery on your settings tab and you will then see the list in most cases.

    The solution

    At time T, the best way to stop the carnage is to force the application to stop in your Settings> Applications> Ongoing. Click the application in question and select Force stop. Enjoy it by deleting its cache on the same page (Clear cache).

    But in the long term, the application is likely to continue pumping you energy. The best solution is to follow our detailed advice here: How to solve problems with an Android app.

    "Android System" takes half of your resources

    Also in the Battery tab, it is possible that one of the leaders of your fall autonomy is named Android system. In practice, this should not take more than 3-4% of your distribution: if the percentage is higher, there is a problem. This means that your system uses more resources than it should: this kind of problem is often due to an update of the faulty system.

    The solution

    The best solution is also the most radical: there is indeed no quick fix to downgrade to an earlier update. We suggest you to reset all your smartphone to factory settings: in some cases, it takes you back to an earlier version of Android. If this is not the case, a reset can be beneficial no matter what.

    Google Play Services are greedy

    Google Play Services are now part of your Android smartphones: for short, is what allows Google applications and services to run and synchronize correctly. Except that you can imagine, Google Play Services are not always optimized, and can seriously damage your independence.

    The solution

    You have several options. The first happens in your Settings> Applications> All> Google Play Services. On this page, delete the cache. If the check box is grayed out, try to uninstall the updates. If you cannot, install the latest versions of Google Play Services since our article How to install the latest version of Google Play Services (1.6.83) regularly updated.

    There is still a solution!

    You have reviewed all the loss of Battery Life sources cited above, and nothing matches your case? All is not lost: there is still a solution B. Many applications are dedicated to helping you save energy: we particularly recommend Deep Sleep, detailed in our article How to (really) improve the battery from its Android smartphone. Many of its features do not require root access.

    You ask again? Come on, one last tip

    You have found or not the source of your problem, there are some essential tips to follow to improve your life on your Android. And you are lucky, we have them all listed for you! So feel free to take a look at our final tips for optimizing your battery life to really change things.

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