• Tuesday, March 8, 2016

    Skype now supports Arabic Translation and Bing New Search Image Improvements

    Skype now supports Arabic Translation and Bing New Search Image Improvements
    Skype now supports Arabic Translation and Bing New Search Image Improvements

    Skype Translator, Microsoft offers a service that basically tries to connect people together. Language is probably one of the most difficult barriers to overcome, Skype Translator enables the break translating (almost) real-time conversations. Translation is also quite effective, it is done smoothly without too much delay.

    Six languages ​​were already available, German, English, Spanish, French, Italian and Mandarin. Arabic, one of the most spoken world languages ​​is now available. In an interview with our colleagues Techradar, Gurdeep Pall, current Vice-President in charge of Skype says that with "what is currently happening in the world, we need a translation from the Arabic". Pointing the refugee crisis.

    If you are interested, you can download Skype Translator in beta from the Windows Store or the Skype website.

    Bing improves the search for images online in Office and Edge

    Less often discussed Bing as Office or Microsoft Windows 10 in the world, including in France, where Google is used by the majority of users. This does not prevent the publisher to continue to develop features for its search engine like those presented today.


    It is on the Bing blog you can find the description of these new features for image search. In Office firstly it is now possible to search for images directly integrate Bing search engine on the internet. In PowerPoint, Outlook, Word, Excel, InfoPath, OneNote, Publisher, Visio, or just click on the "Insert" tab and choose "Online Images." A result mosaic is displayed and you can link the results.

    Before choosing the image, you can learn more by hovering the mouse each thumbnail to see the size and source. The team draws attention to the fact that all images are not always free to be used in any document.


    In the browser introduced with Windows 10 it was already possible to right-click a portion of text to ask Cortana. Now this feature is also present for images and action triggers the onset of a side panel displaying the image size and other information as other sizes available, images or equivalent related research.

    Depending on what is the Bing image could also display revenue (as in the example) or shops to purchase the product.

    Finally, "Bing Image Match" is another engine feature that allows you to send a picture of his computer for analysis Bing and search for information on this or corresponding images. It does not seem enabled for all countries.

    Fingerprint readers on smartphones: a simple printer can lure

    Since 2011, with the arrival of the Motorola Atrix and more recently the last generations of iPhone and other smartphones Galaxy, fingerprint readers have been democratized. Technology that if it initially seems perfectly secure is easily hackable truth.

    One of the first solutions, if it was not complicated in itself, nonetheless required to create a false fingerprint-based wood glue and a high resolution image (1200 dpi). A technique for less laborious.

    Anil Jain and Cao Kai, two members of the Computer Science Department of the University of Michigan, recently demonstrated that one can fool the fingerprint reader to a smartphone by simply using a printer, paper Agic (Special circuits printed) and the conductive ink.

    They summarize the process in a report. The first step is to install three conductive ink cartridges in a printer that has preferably never been used. It must then scan the fingerprint concerned with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi. Just finally to reverse the image and print it. You then have a functional copy can unlock a smartphone.

    Freebox Crystal is again at two euros per month for a year

    New promotional campaign for Free with Vente-Privee around the Crystal Freebox. Now you know the principle, the entry box (ADSL) is available at 1.99 euro per month for a year before returning to his usual fee of 29.99 euros, which must be added € 1.99 to enjoy the Freebox TV option, included in the promotional offer on Vente-Privee.com.

    An offer enticing enough base, which may be accompanied with a Free Mobile package discount since Freebox subscribers receive a discount on the packages Free Mobile. The package is offered at 2 euros to 19.99 and the 15.99 passes. This means that yes, your internet subscriptions and phones may cost you 24 euros in total for one year.

    As always, the offer is open to new Free subscribers since the interest in this kind of operation is the new customer recruitment. The offer is available today and will end on 12 March.

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