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    Wiko Fever Review Nice Hardware with Decent Price Overall Great Android Budget Phone

    Difficult to distinguish between many smartphones - mid range less than 200 euros with characteristics similar or even identical. With the Fever, the Sino-Marseille manufacturer Wiko intends to stand out with a phosphorescent framework, so why not this smartphone shines on the essential autonomy, screen, fluidity and photo capture. Created in 2011, in the wake of Free and packages without commitments Wiko quickly won customers in search of versatile smartphones and low-cost. Thus, in just five years this young brand has granted nearly 17% market share despite a very competitive sector. His latest Fever 4G in our hands for several weeks, not to dazzle style issue. If the originality of a phosphorescent framework attracts attention, the whole design seems rather tasteless.

    Wiko Fever Review Nice Hardware with Decent Price
    Wiko Fever Review Nice Hardware with Decent Price

    The back cover is made of some quality plastic that creaks and bends (slightly) on hand, which does not reinforce the feeling of robustness. The latter stands out and provides access to two SIM ports as well as the micro SD. Control buttons (volume and on / off) does not exude quality, and their positioning very close to each other can lead to confusion. Finally, as on many smartphones, the speaker is on the back which is obviously not an ideal location.

    Yet the picture is not entirely black. The front features a Corning Gorilla Glass 3 with 2.5D treatment that softens her features, in addition, the rim is made of a slightly rounded plastic that makes pleasant grip. The only originality of this smartphone remains the fluorescent strips that frame (hence the name Fever ...). Beyond aesthetics, this feature allows at night to quickly hand over his phone. A good idea that deserves to be generalized.

    A screen at the height

    If the first generations of Wiko did not shine through the quality of their screens, the Sino-French brand has since corrected this! The Fever has a 5.2-inch IPS panel, displaying a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, a resolution 423ppi. The screen is very bright and readable outdoors, contrast, if it does not reach that of an AMOLED panel is quite correct, same for the viewing angles. What really provide not far experience upscale, not bad for a smartphone positioned below the 200 euros?

    A complete interface

    If some competitors prefer to let a "pure" Android experience, Wiko opts for customization and reviewed the basic Android interface. First point scoring, forget the application drawer. Every app you download is installed directly on the Home screen, open up to you to arrange them. Still, do not worry, the rest of the software uses the Android code with widgets and a great capacity for customization.

    The register of additions, in addition to certain applications such as video, music or calendar (that will be duplicated with Google applications), Wiko has installed some practical and fun features like FM Radio player or cleaning in a click making some space in RAM.

    Also include: Smart awake encompassing "double tap" to wake up the screen, and a feature that allows you to quickly launch applications by drawing a predefined letter on the screen. (M for music; C for camera; O for the torch). This works surprisingly well. Smart Gesture, including the "double-click" to quickly lock the screen, and switching to silent mode by turning the screen face against "land".

    Regarding performance, Wiko Fever 4G features a MediaTek 6753 processor, Octo-core in Cortex A53 clocked at 1.3 GHz, a Mati-T720 GPU backed by 3GB of RAM. An equivalent configuration to competition. This translates fairly average performance and delays in 3D games most applicants.

    In fact, although it is not the smoothest smartphone this price range, the user experience remains correct. There is often a small lag time before opening an application. Nothing insurmountable in themselves but in everyday use it can become (for some) annoying. Better optimization software would be beneficial.

    Satisfactory Battery Life

    Under his imitation leather plastic cover, the Fever has a non-removable battery mAh 2900. Capacity in the high average in its class that offers him a very proper autonomy. You can easily hold the day of intensive use without having to recharge before going out in the evening. On a more modest use, day and a half will be reached without difficulty

    As so often on smartphones in this segment, the camera of 13 megapixels provides images lack sharpness and are often overexposed. If you are in search of a "camera phone", you may need to invest some plus.C'est a little better for Full HD videos quite fluid. Finally, note that if you want to take pictures in 16: 9, you will need to change the settings and switch to 10 megapixels. Little originality, plus a front camera of 5 megapixels (delivering modest results), the Fever also has a frontal flash that should please fans of selfies.

    In conclusion, the Fever is not an original smartphone that ventures off the beaten track as it wants to hear Wiko. He moves more like a conventional smartphone that offers performance just in the segment average. Even at less than 200 €, you can do better as Alcatel Onetouch Idol 3 for example. Hopefully Wiko take a little more risk in its upcoming models.

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