• Friday, March 11, 2016

    Windows 10 Mobile new features for missed calls and Outlook in Build 14283

    Windows 10 Mobile new features for missed calls and Outlook in Build 14283
    Windows 10 Mobile new features for missed calls and Outlook in Build 14283

    A new mobile testing Windows 10 version is offered by Microsoft for some users who already use the final version of the system for smartphones. Only recent mobile are concerned shipped with Windows 10 pre-installed mobile. Several changes have been implemented by Microsoft and many bugs fixed.

    As was his habit Microsoft announced the release of Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview Build 14283 through his blog. It includes the traditional list of bugs fixed, fairly consistent, and other known bugs still awaiting a fix. The note focuses a little more on the improvements made to the system and directly visible to users.

    The Phone application has been modified so that users have a better vision at missed calls and voice mail. Microsoft explains that the flag that signaled the presence and the number of missed calls or messages do not always appear in the application according to the currently viewed tab. This has now adjusted even if the publisher warns that the display can still be unstable.

    On the side of Outlook you can now disable the preview messages by going into the settings. By making a long press on a message, a context menu allows this to send the message directly to the trash. In the calendar a new option appears to signal a delay at a meeting notification.

    Finally, Microsoft announced a new feature coming in a future build: the merger of applications and comments Insider Hub. These applications are used primarily for testers to report bugs or offer help to discover other problems or comment features.

    This build is part of the Redstone branch and these innovations will therefore not be available immediately when the updated Windows Mobile 10 will be offered to users of Windows Phone 8.1. Windows 10 Mobile Build 14283 is distributed by the standard "Fast" on Lumia 950 smartphones, XL 950, 650, 550, Xiaomi Mi 4, and Alcatel OneTouch Fierce XL.

    Windows 10 apps for universal Messenger and Facebook Instagram

    Recently we talked about Facebook applications for Windows 10 to Windows 10 PC or mobile. Today it is still applications related to social networks that have been identified: one concerns this time the email from Facebook, the other is for Instagram.

    In both cases it is the WindowsBlogItalia site that revealed the existence of these applications through videos. The Facebook Messenger application seems similar to that can be used on iPad. It is used here on PC in landscape mode, then, and watch the conversation list and the possibilities for integrating icons or animated gifs. One can also see the user access settings for notifications and multimedia content.

    There are some days the same site revealed the existence of an application Instagram which has since been published in the Windows Store as a public beta. We discover on a 10-Windows mobile phone with a video site Neowin.

    Both applications are Universal applications, i.e. they can be used on both PC, smartphone and later on Xbox One as provided by Microsoft's plans. The publisher is developing the Redstone part of its multi-platform and tries to facilitate the adaptation of iOS and Android applications to fill its Windows Store and thus remedy a weakness in its previous Windows Phone system it is often accused of not to find some popular applications in ubiquitous competition.

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