• Friday, March 11, 2016

    Facebook buys Masquerade the anti-Snapchat app

    Facebook buys Masquerade the anti-Snapchat app
    Facebook buys Masquerade the anti-Snapchat app

    It is possible to feel competed even when one is called Facebook and it has 1.59 billion monthly active users (in 2015). Seeing a dim view of the resounding success of Snapchat including animated filters, the firm of Mark Zuckerberg announced that bought Masquerade, an application that is precisely specialized in this field.

    Eugene Nevgen, Masquerade logically CEO says he is "delighted to be joining forces with Facebook and to offer this technology to even more people." No information has leaked on the amount of the transaction.

    For users of Masquerade (available on iOS and Android in beta), nothing should change, the application will always be available, independent of Facebook. However, there is no doubt as photo and video filters technology will be implemented fairly quickly on Facebook.

    Samsung has its own sensor 12MP Dual Pixel

    Since the Galaxy S6, Samsung is riding on the tops of photography with smartphone. The manufacturer is back with the Galaxy S7 he has just presented at the Mobile World Congress 2016. A device with a new camera module that sees its definition to spend 12 million pixels (MP) but adopts development of technology Dual Pixel launched by Canon. This IMX260 sensor manufactured by Sony operates photosites 1.4 .mu.m.

    A partnership that seemed obvious. Sony dominates the market for image sensors for smartphones by his mastery of the production process and the quality of its products. The team Sony sensors so many smartphones of any brand.

    Samsung unveils new photo sensor "home". It will compete directly with the Sony very very close technical characteristics: definition of 12 MP, photosites 1.4 .mu.m and Dual Pixel Technology for the development.

    The manufacturer will continue there to provide Sony sensors for its smartphones Galaxy S7 / S7 Edge or he will switch completely on its own products? He will use both? This sensor is it from laboratories Samsung or is it a sharing of technology with Sony?

    Amazon Japan: the sale of video games available internationally

    So far, the only solution is to try only available games in Japan was to pay premium prices via import sites. Amazon Japan feeling the vein coming now authorizes under certain conditions imports of Japanese video games.

    The site being only partially translated, the first prerequisite is to speak Japanese or trust his translator ... (A problem that will represent in the game). You will eventually create a specific account at Amazon Japanese website and verify that the game that you order is not zoned. Consoles like PS3 / PS4 / PS Vita or the Xbox One does not have this type of lock area. Please be aware that only products sold and shipped by Amazon are concerned and that in addition to the stated price, you need to add custom fees and shipping costs.

    Despite these drawbacks, this import system should allow some players to discover the pearls of the Japanese universe.

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