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    10 things you should never do with your smartphone

    10 things you should never do with your smartphone
    10 things you should never do with your smartphone

    There are some things not to do with your smartphone. In this article, we decided to hold a dozen. While some will seem obvious, others are less so, and yet you do them every day. It explains why in this User's Survival Guide Android smartphone and especially how to avoid the worst.

    1. Do not use lock screen

    At a time when almost all our lives is contained in our smartphones, this is a mistake that can be very expensive. A simple lock screen is not so much supposed to hold the remote voyeurs, it allows you to save time especially on a possible thief. This one will have neither the time nor the ability to call premium rate numbers: the theft report and locking of the smartphone by the police or your operator can sometimes take a while. It will actually perform a restore to factory settings to use your smartphone, which protects some of your personal data, including your Facebook, Twitter and other email ids. Again your photos will still be available in the majority of cases.

    2. Do not put your smartphone to out of date

    Safety improvements, autonomy, overheating and data connection, the builder and operator updates are essential to ensure a decent life to your Android smartphone. So put your smartphone updated regularly, but also the applications!

    3. Load your smartphone via USB

    Load a smartphone via USB to a computer, it is much, much less efficient than using a standard charger. By the way, make sure your charger is good, your cable also. If battery charging problem are the first suspects.

    4. Do not save data

    Files, photos and other data does not disappear like that, but there are many cases where the user must perform a factory reset, and it loses all application data files and identifiers. Back before any risky operation, flash or root mod but also regularly by copying the backups to another medium, such as a PC.

    5. Store all your data online

    Similarly, backup your data online only on the type of server Dropbox, Google Drive or another can also run your loss. These platforms are often hacked, and your personal data may be disclosed to the eyes of perfect strangers in a jiffy. So remember to secure with an application such as BoxCryptor. Remember also to make copies on physical media (hard drives, computer, USB keys ...).

    6. Battery empty, continuous charging and overheating

    There are security measures. A battery will not suddenly die if your gauge goes to 2% when you use your smartphone but there are some good reflexes to improve longevity and battery life of your smartphone. Avoid so let down your battery level too low too regularly, you will see anyway that the behavior of your device is sometimes strange and unstable when this is the case. Also avoid letting your connected smartphone when its battery is full.

    If you pull too much on your battery and that it is not first youth or just a little lower quality, so it can swell, in which case it must be changed immediately, it is up to the explosion in extreme cases.

    7. Do not protect the screen of your smartphone!

    If you are refractory to the hulls and other cases, at least protect the screen of your device. In addition to supposed coatings prevent scratches, there are also real glasses that come shield the screen of your smartphone. If you drop it, whatever its strength, a fall on an angle will in most cases fatal.

    8. Use your smartphone in a humid environment

    This basic rule is more important than it seems: a manufacturer may refuse a warranty support if its sensors detected a moisture exposure outside "normal use". Do not believe either that smartphones certified IP57, 58 or 68 are safe: they are designed to survive submersion up to 1 meter of water for 30 minutes for most, and are protected against dust. Prolonged exposure to moisture is different, and can be a problem, especially at the screen.

    9. Do not remove the incriminating photos

    Far be it from me to suggest that you lead a depraved life, but needless to exhibit photos of last evening at work, for example. Applications like WhatsApp, Messenger and other Instagram are on the list of culprits: the pictures are automatically displayed in the gallery. You can disable this feature easily and without root.

    10. Buy a smartphone with subsidy

    Well, it does not concern the use itself an Android smartphone, but it's an important detail. Whatever your calculations, buying a smartphone costs naked in the vast majority of cases cheaper than opting for a smartphone with package (benefiting from an operator subsidy) on the long term.

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