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    Second opinion on the Galaxy S7 edge

    Second opinion on the Galaxy S7 edge
    Second opinion on the Galaxy S7 edge

    In the desire to complain about the S7 edge, so I decided to make a second opinion on the mobile. Although my first opinion on this second generation of Galaxy S Edge was mixed, so I wanted to go a step further by taking the mobile in hand. Today, I deliver my second opinion on the Galaxy S7 edge.

    Revenge of Own Galaxy S6

    I own a Galaxy S6 edge for a year and I love it. I really like the size, the design, but I had no desire to spend on the Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 edge. Why? Simply that I did not feel that Samsung had done enough to justify an upgrade of equipment, which is expensive and more that, only a year later ... Again, the design evolution remains very minor, although there are some notable points.

    Today, I am delighted to have the opportunity to offer a second opinion about the Galaxy S7 edge, because I wanted to show what I thought of the unit. After having taken over for a few hours, I see it now as a fairly refined product that excels in almost all areas, in addition to offering a design more pleasant. In parallel, the water resistance and memory configuration are able to return. Yum!

    A beauty and this much to look at as hold in hand

    At the first touch, my first instinct was to slide your finger along the curved screen to learn responsiveness. In addition to that, the design is ergonomic which now seems almost impossible to improve. Short. All this to tell you that everything seems to harmonize. Its 5.5 inch screen makes it a little more and perhaps less interesting to some, but it did not really feel in hand. Compared to the Galaxy S7, S7 edge does not share in the delusions of grandeur, unlike products from other brands.

    The hump of the back camera has been flattened

    Then it is also important to stress that the bulge of the back of the camera has been reduced to three-quarters of its original size, where my Galaxy S6 edge is often wobbly on a flat surface ... It is better, but not perfect.

    The expansion of the screen to 5.5 inches

    Thus, the Galaxy S7 edge advances with a 5.5 inch screen, which is 0.4 inches more than the Galaxy S6 edge, which is in turn equipped with a 5.1 inch screen. The functions 'edge', I do not have time for, but shows excellent responsiveness and new side panels, like the rule, are very practical.

    On a larger screen, multimedia content - such as videos and games - are more significant, this is obvious. Unlike my Galaxy S6 edge, borders of the screen also shows less noticeable, with a chassis that is blacker. This makes it just gorgeous. Not being accustomed to the 'Always On Display' which keeps the screen on all, so I feel that the mobile is continuously lit, which is, certainly, but it is disturbing to first. Of course, this will fade with time.

    My conclusion

    Looking back, the Galaxy S7 edge still remains a minor update of the Galaxy S6 edge, but the points that are improving are also vital for the development of the range. On paper, it seems a bit lazy and irrelevant. But when you hold it, use it and possibly against your will marvel at him, then it makes sense. Cursed, Samsung. Damn you. From your side, what did you think of the S7 edge?

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