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    How to activate the hidden menu System UI Tuner on Android 6 Marshmallow

    How to activate the hidden menu System UI Tuner on Android 6 Marshmallow
    How to activate the hidden menu System UI Tuner on Android 6 Marshmallow

    Based on the fact that the option has become part of Android and will soon become a hidden menu popular with users, we have decided to open an article about UI Tuner System, in order to describe "what it ' is "," what are its functions, "" the minimum compatibility "and especially" how to activate it. " Without further ado, here now "How to activate the hidden menu UI System Tuner 'from Android 6.0".

    Full details of 'System UI Tuner', the hidden menu of Android 6.0+

    What is UI System Tuner?

    Normally not accessible to users 'System UI Tuner' is characterized as a hidden menu. Seen for the first time with the version of Android Developer Preview, this part of the system has the advantage of containing experimental features that could be integrated in one of the next versions of Android. On one version to another, the menu has evolved and was host of other functions to see from others. Based on the fact that the functions offered within are experimental, know that they are subject to more or less significant bugs in the picture 'Night Mode' (including option is activated once in five).

    What are the proposed duties?

    As I mentioned in the previous section and the first section, the menu UI System Tuner 'evolves from version to version, because it is a place where are proposed experimental features. Following this, the official Android developers are the only judges on the withdrawal and / or the final integration of functions when mature. If you do not already know, it is that the menu 'Developer options' also host several options, so some can be (very) experimental.

    Its functions from Android 6.0

    Based on the fact that he acts as an integration with Android 6.0 Marshmallow, the menu will quite limited by its possibilities, though it still embarks fairly practical options. Among them, it is particularly possible to change the order of thumbnails in the status bar, in addition to choosing ones to display and configure other (using this Android app). Other options, Google listened to feedback from its users, which is why it now displays the percentage 'cipher' remaining battery in the battery in the status bar.

    Its functions from Android N

    With the Developer Preview of Android N, things are a bit more spicy. By visiting 'System UI Tuner', it is now four subsections that sit on the homepage of the hidden menu. Within these, there is therefore 'Status Bar', 'Color and Appearance', 'Do not disturb', but also 'Other' for 'Other'. Based on the fact that this is an unfinished version of Android, some options have not been translated, while others work moderately well. If you want to change details in the status bar, activate the night mode or re-calibrate the screen, remember that all this is happening in this part of the system. At least that is the case today.

    What is the minimum version to have it?

    As I am referring several times already, the minimum version needed to be able to unlock the hidden menu 'System UI Tuner is that of Android Developer Preview 1 million, but no one has that version to the actual hour. Today, all users who have a mobile device installed from Android 6.0 Marshmallow are able to access the menu in no time at all, still have to know how.
    How do I activate this hidden menu?

    To be honest, activating 'System Tuner UI is very simple, but the find is not. In the manner of a secret code on consoles, you are asked to enter a small series of hidden combinations to activate. Said like that, one could almost believe that we share a secret mission, although this is somewhat the case too. *To laugh*

    No need to wait any longer, here are the instructions to follow to unlock UI System Tuner:

    •     Enter and go down the status bar / notification down with two fingers, then
    •     perform a very long press of the mechanical wheel next time up to what vibrates.
    •     Once this is done, your Android mobile device is teleported directly in the settings,
    •     warning that the menu has been activated and added to the system settings (but where?)
    •     To find it, just go to the bottom of the list where the menu has taken his seat.

    Note: Depending on the device, the release of 'Developer options' may be required (details), where you have to turn on / off the scale animations (windows / transition / duration). In parallel, some Custom ROM, like CyanogenMod, are appropriate to the options they have scattered around their system, which is why the menu is not available on the latter

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