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    5 Reasons To Delete Your Snapchat Account and Uninstall The App

    5 Reasons To Delete Your Snapchat Account and Uninstall The App
    5 Reasons To Delete Your Snapchat Account and Uninstall The App

    1. You're hurting your face

    Whenever you make your face to get the best possible shot, you mutilate and irritate your skin. Beware ravages of duck face! And if you are a person of good looks obsessed with this line, you will know how these long exposures can tire your body. Many studies show that too large facial efforts involve great risks. Finally, it seems. In any case, beware!

    2. The danger screenshots

    Although the creators of Snapchat formally discourage taking screen captures without the authorization of the author of the picture, the operation is simple enough to lead to many regrets. As long as you have the Snapchat app installed on your phone, you will live in terrible fear of being the target of a screenshot taking you under a little flattering angle. Why take such a risk? If you're the kind of person who cannot stand being humiliated, you should probably uninstall the app before the worst happens.

    3. The best political friend

    Time or Snachat implementation still displayed the "best friend" of each user, the feature has caused much havoc. Who has not witnessed scenes of intense jealousy when someone realizes that he is not the best friend he thought. Fortunately, this destructive feature of friendships is not displayed publicly. But it is still possible to see the best friend of a user furtively looking over his shoulder, or violently snatching hands (in case the first solution would have failed). By uninstalling definitely Snapchat app, you can live comfortably in ignorance. And no one will know that, basically, is your true best friend.

    4. Mistakes will be made

    It can happen to anyone. We are not careful and you end up sending the wrong shot at the wrong person, causing great disappointment to both sides. Sometimes a recipient of error can lead to a good laugh. But sometimes it's so embarrassing that we find ourselves forced to send a second Snapchat to implore forgiveness for our contact. What a pity that we cannot cancel sending a photo, but it is the inconsiderate risk must take all of Snapchat users daily. If you do not want to look like an idiot, it is perhaps time to stop this nonsense. It is often possible to recover a shipment of accidental photo, but some people do not have this capability. Beware before committing a big mistake.

    5. Snapchat takes time

    If you are a polite Snapchat user, you probably feel obliged to respond to every message or picture Snapchat you receive, and this can take time. And as long as you have a large number of friends, new notifications continue to succeed. Let's be honest: your friends are not so interesting as that. Snapchat uninstalling, you'll no longer need to fade the party pictures of your friends or the minutes of each of their lunch.

    Have you thought of another reason that may motivate users to get rid of this damn app? Do not hesitate to make us know in the comments.

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