• Tuesday, March 8, 2016

    G-Drive New Type C External Hard Drives and Rollei Rock Solid New Tripods

    G-Drive New Type C External Hard Drives and Rollei Rock Solid New Tripods
    G-Drive New Type C External Hard Drives and Rollei Rock Solid New Tripods

    G-Drive: G-Technology launches new external hard drives with USB Type C

    Specialist storage devices and company Western Digital, G-Technology unveils new external storage systems G-Drive. The new external hard drives adopting USB connectivity Type-C and USB 3.0. On the design side, they adopt a consensual design mat and come in three colors: gray, gold and silver. The latter mimic those used by Apple for its machines.

    2.5-inch format, the new G-Drive operating an internal hard drive at 7200 rpm. The manufacturer beforehand transfer speeds of up to 136 MB / s for USB-C release.

    The G-Drive USB-C with a capacity of 1 TB is marketed to 156 euros. The USB 3.0 version available in black or aluminum, is available in 2TB and 3TB to 170 euros and 250 euros.

    Rock Solid New travel photo tripods Rollei

    The German company Rollei expands its range of photo accessories with three new tripods Solid Rock collection. Alpha, Beta and Gama share a carbon structure made from 8 layers. A material selected for its multiple qualities: lightness, rigidity, resistance ...

    The Rock Solid Alpha, Beta and Gamma are specially designed for use in conditions with a compromise mobility space / weight / load capacity.

    The Rock Solid Alpha with its weight of 2.2 kg and its maximum height of 1.56 m for a length of 57 cm folded accepts a load of 24 kg. It is proposed to 500 euros.

    The Rock Solid Beta goes up to 1.65 m for a footprint of 51.5 cm. Its lifting capacity is 22 kg for a price of 400 euros.

    Finally, the Rock Solid Gamma is positioned as the most portable with its size in the folded position of 47.5 cm and weighs 1.35 kg. It offers a maximum height of 1.51 m and a load capacity of 16 kg. Its price: 330 euros.

    Pioneer of the genre, Meerkat throws in the towel face Periscope

    Meerkat was one of the first, if not the first, live broadcast applications since its smartphone since it came out before Periscope. Except Periscope has quickly exceeded Meerkat, from the day of its very launch. Although with Twitter behind it is still easier to hit hard. Especially as Periscope had the merit to record videos for viewers to watch the same arriving "late".

    Periscope has made its merry way until the recent "Aurier transaction" which undoubtedly contributed markedly to the popularity of the application in France. In a letter to investors on which Re / Code has been able to get, the boss Meerkat, Ben Rubin, has no other choice but to acknowledge its inability to compete with Twitter / Periscope, Live and Facebook. The "benefits of distribution" of these are too large to keep their head he explains.

    The boss is announcing a change in direction of his start-up, to make a social network where "everyone will live all the time." In the absence of accuracy, difficult to get an idea of ​​what it will be, but according to Re / Code, it is now more about communication in small groups. It will settle for that for now.

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