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    6 functions unknown to discover immediately on Android

    6 functions unknown to discover immediately on Android
    6 functions unknown to discover immediately on Android

    There are countless applications in the Play Store to help you but some features are already available on your smartphone without the need for an additional application. You probably know some. You ignore others. Here are 6 functions that are already on your Android and just waiting for you to come out of their deep sleep.

    1. Push WPS connection: to not type your WiFi password

    Do you know that you can connect to your secure WiFi connection without entering a password? On most current routers, there is indeed a WPS button.

    By pressing it, a message will be displayed on your phone and you must click to confirm. Your Android smartphone will be connected to your WiFi network securely and effortlessly.

    2. Flashlight to turn your flash without application

    Since the update to Android 5.0 Lollipop, most Android smartphones have the flashlight in quick sets. An additional application is therefore no longer necessary. To activate, simply pull the screen up and slide down and press the icon of the flashlight.

    3. Android Beam: to transfer your contacts and files magically

    If your Android phone is equipped with an NFC chip (as on many models), know that you can use Android Beam. This feature introduced with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich lets you transfer files, links to applications, pictures, music, a Google Maps location ...

    You must enable Android Beam on both devices to enable trade. Go to Settings> Wireless & networks> More> Android Beam.

    4. Smart-Lock: to unlock your smartphone magic

    One feature that comes on your smartphone with the Google Play services is Smart Lock. This is an intelligent assistant that has the ability to unlock and lock your Android, based on the context of the user.

    Let's take an example. If you are at home and have previously configured your trusted address, your smartphone will not lock, since you're supposed to be in a safe place. When you leave home (you leave this "zone of confidence"), the machine interlocks automatically.

    5. Guest Mode: to test applications

    Android 5.0 has a guest mode that allows you to test applications. For example, if your niece wants to play a game, if your friend wants to visit Facebook or if a colleague wants you to find an application, the Guest Mode gives the device the ability to hide your personal information from them.

    This is for applications, but also multimedia content such as: photos, music and videos. This is a quick and easy way to secure your terminal. But be careful, some terminal manufacturers like Samsung, LG and others do not offer the guest mode on Android 5.0.

    6. Energy saving mode: To save battery

    Another option introduced by Android Lollipop is in the power saving mode, which has already been implemented by many smartphone manufacturers such as Sony, HTC and Samsung in smartphones. More need additional app for that.

    The power saving mode restricts the substantive work of your smartphone and puts it in a deep sleep when the screen is locked. It can be activated automatically from a certain shock.

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